Deal breakers for buying AOE4?

Preorder is a trap jaja

I can’t believe this game is going to be release with that ugly and futuristic UI, those blue colors with golden just don’t fit medieval setting, even if game play is ok, game presentación will turn off many players, how is possible that for the x19 trailer, tons of people said the game was ok but needed graphic improvement and then the devs did the contrary, they made graphics even worse ( implemented extremely bright colors, decreased building size, lower quality for readability sake) yet they already said they are not going to made any changes to graphics… How can devs do betas, ask for feedback and they don’t do anything… No way they will get my money.

Remember this, in DOW lll it happened exactly the same… people complained, people wanted changes but devs were very proud of they work and game failed so hard… I see the same here, when they noticed the imminent failure on DOW lll they started listening and made some changes but it was already late…Did you remember Relic?

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Not agree.
UI have nothing with success of the game. Firstly, people will do mod for UI. Secondly, for example, I dont like “fancy” letters on buttons, etc. Simple and useful UI to navigate fast into the real game - is better than unreadable old fashioned letters.

Also, u misunderstood the direction. The direction is not “game of medieval”. It’s more like "game of medieval history ". So the cover could be modern.

Game is medieval and should represent that, UI is very important as graphicsz it is all part of the game presentation, if that is not true, why many people are complaining about it ? Should relic ignore those complains ? Do you realize that people not only complain in this forums but on steam, YouTube as well ?

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More complains about other parts. UI part you overestimate.
As i wrote game is about history, The cover of history “book” could be modern.
Also if they do old fashion UI, while In campaigns there are yellow people (in campaign videos) and there are modern footage like “youtube” history insights. At least in my opinion it is about history, not 700 history.

Medieval history ?

I really don’t understand your post… If this is a historic game why Joan of Arc is using a weapon and killing people? … Well that s a discussion for s different topic may be, again, this is a medieval game and it should be represented in that way, all I see is medieval Disney game.

Side note… I would be interesting to know if art director / game director actually played the any Age game before game was given for development… If that is that’s the case, fans will know more about age/art style than devs


With that agree 100%

My point is that: they have yellow persons in the campaigns video. They have youtube videos.
So the atmosphere of the game is not about middle ages.
It’s more like learning about history.

And there are questionable decisions much more important than UI.

The only thing that could stop me from buying would be some kind of Black Swan thing.

Nothing I’ve seen so far would stop me from buying this.


If it looks and feels like AOE3. You can’t have a price point of an AAA game but then base it around low end computers.

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Why not? If it provides a lot of content, and the production quality is good? Just because you and I can afford $5k+ rigs doesn’t mean that everyone can.


If I can’t see trebuchets attacking castles on one screen without scrolling, it won’t feel like an AOE game.


Mmm PC is about 1-1.5k and I can play all games… I am not asking for extreme graphics but better ones… Integrated Intel HD should not be a requirement for. AAA game in 2021, we are talking about Age of empires, age3 pushed graphics even further for it’s time…


Atmosphere - If a game has no good atmosphere, I’m not interested in playing a game.
Atmosphere comes from artstyle, animations, soundtrack, speakers etc.

In this case I prefer a slightly bright, but realistic atmosphere inclusive little brutality. Also details are important. For example in Stronghold you could watch a baker, how he’s making bread, a craftsman how he is making weapons… Such details, just in a different way would be nice for Aoe4.
“Political correctness” isn’t good for the credibility of a game. With every “political correct” thing that is added to the game a game feels less credible, more like a “modern” product.

After that comes the rest, the fine tuning (gameplay mechanics, comfort functions, playability, visibility, different game modes etc.). Can also be a deal breaker, e.G. many bugs or bad pathfinding.

I probably won’t buy the game because atmosphere and details are missing in many aspects.
Playability seems to be good


Honestly having played the beta, I don’t have any reason to buy it. I don’t enjoy the gameplay anymore than Age of Empires 2, I don’t like the limited civilization choice, I find the graphics lacklustre and it’s just too expensive at launch.

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Age of Empires II: Age of Kings had 13 civs and they were much closer together and similar than what we are getting here.
Age of Empires I had 12 and also it was pretty much the same deal as above.
Age of Mythology had 5.
Age of Empires III also had 8 starting civs.

I don’t really get why this starting rooster is a letdown. Game can be great and worthwhile even when your available choices include only ‘Global Defense Initiative’ and the ‘Brotherhood of Nod’, or ‘Humans’ and ‘Orcs’ :wink:

It is a shame when you go from like~20 to 3 in Empire Earth III ‘Western, Middle-Eastern, and Far Eastern.’
2021’s ‘Stronghold: Warlords’ launched with 4: Chinese, the Japanese, the Mongols and the Vietnamese

It is much better to have more unique civs than trying to repeat AoEII format where, in order to include as much content as possible, the basis for civ design was copy-paste.

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After the beta I’ve already bought it.


Ha in what world would this ever be $20 at launch?!

I’ve already bought this game, the graphics are a very small thing. If upgrading the graphics makes for higher specs and makes the game lag I don’t want them to do it. The game itself is everything it should be, can use some small tweaks based on the community but over all its going to be a great age’s game. Just like all new games though opening week is going to have its crashes and bugs so plan on that if your new to online gaming.

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I hate Esport , so for me it doesnt matter


In a world where running a business is dictated by emotions. There are out-of-their-mind people that rate this game 3/10 before release. No wonder some want to pay for it as much as they pay for a weapon skin or pack of cards in some online game.

It’s pretty crazy. USA civ alone for 3DE is $4.99.
Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - United States Civilization · AppID: 1581450 · SteamDB

Did you buy it for full price , or cheaper from different source