Dear Devs. I Just want you to know that i am willing to pay 10 bucks for this "Kiev wall" unused asset as a skin for Rus Stone Wall

Just a suggestion that maybe it’s time to introduce skins for Military/Econimy/Religous Units, Buildings, and Wonders.

In Aoe3, there is already this concept of Explorer and Units Skin, maybe we can also introduce this to Aoe4? A paid or not paid content will do.

If ever this happens, please stay true to the medieval setting (Skins only related to that time period), tho i’m okay with Magical/Fantasy/Horror event concepts (Events only, just like this season 5 Monster Event) .

For those people who agree, please make this topic relevant. For people who disagree please make a constructive approach and comments down below why.

Thank you.

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