Dear Staff, don't rush with AGEIV

Dear Staff,
I think that everyone prefers to wait more time rather than having an incomplete version of the game rushed to publication, with previous iterations of the game still not completed. Take your time, finish before AOEII-III DE and only then work on this game.
Thank you.


Hmm, the developers of the Definitive Editions are Forgotten Empires and Tantalus. Relic is working on Aoe4 for 3.5+ years. No one likes an unfinished rushed game, but they also shouldn’t wait too long with new Aoe4 reveals (because of feedback).


Rush? They’ve been working on the game for a long time. They should have been done by now.

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Pulish the game and take the time you need. Please, we remember DoW 3.

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Personally’, I’d rather waiting more than having a rushed product

I’m pretty sure that due to covid-19 the production of this game has suffered like with anything else in this world.

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We all remember Cyberpunk don’t we


I support this. Don’t rush. Get more realism. Keep innovating. We can wait.

Yyyyyaaaasss this. Please fix some of the game assets…like oversized arrows.