Deathmatch with starting camel/horse scout

Hi, I would like to suggest removing the starting scout in deathmatches and replacing it with a harmless horse or camel.

Before you shut me down, let me try to outline the benefits.

New players can be utterly destroyed in less than 2 minutes in deathmatches. Losing a vill to the enemy scout puts you at such a disadvantage that it becomes almost impossible to keep up with the enemy growing flood of more rush cav. They play the gamode ones, maybe twice, get utterly stomped and never touch it again.

This makes the game mode quite unattrative to new players which in the end also hurts deathmatch veterans as there is less people to play with. This will only become worse if the player base goes down after the hype dies or aoe 4 releases.

Removing just the initial scout lessens that extrem crush potential dramatically since you would always have halb out before the enemy cav can arrive giving new player that critical seconds to survive the initial minute and get to a more back and forward game.

The horse replacement ensure that you can still scout the enemys army composition as usually and don’t have to go blind which would introduce new problems.

I love deathmatches, and I think this would be a small but sensible change to make the game mode more attractive and fun to the vast majority of average players. We should not cater to pros only. Both worlds are important.


No feedback? atleast excepted someone to show up and tell me that deathmatches are fine as they are and I am just supposed to get better.

Wouldn’t be opposed to such a change. I do confess that I’m not a fan of the current way but on the other hand, it’s a good challenge too. :man_shrugging:

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Deathmatch isnt popular. That is the reason for the no feedback, i guess.
There are less then 1000 players with more than 10 1v1 deathmatch games (ranked).