Debugging while running game from Game pass

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How do I run the game with “-dev” when running it from Game pass? I can’t find the launch options.


I was able to figure it out. Here’s a little guide for anyone who can’t do the easy way with Steam.

First you locate the install folder:

*NOTE - Finding the install folder can be a task because the game was managed by Windows. I have the newest Xbox app, and I had to enable “Advanced Installation and Management Features” which makes it much easier to do, it moved my games around though. So I’ll assume the following steps will work for you.

Most important thing is simply reaching the installation folder!

With the newest Xbox app open, hover over the game and select the three-dots symbol, and then select “Manage”

Select the Files tab, which should show you the install location of the game, hit Browse

This will open the install folder for xbox games, enter the game’s content folder

Once you are in the installation folder location:

Locate the .exe at: Age of Empires IV\Content\RelicCardinal_ws.exe

Right-click the .exe, and then “Send to” → “Desktop (create shortcut)”

Go back to the desktop to right-click the shortcut, and select properties

Finally, you must simply append " -dev" to the end of the target field. But with no quotations, and include a space after the quotation that’s already found in the target field. So, on my computer, the entire target field reads like this when I’m done:

“M:\XboxGames\Age of Empires IV\Content\RelicCardinal_ws.exe” -dev

If all went well, your task is finished. Launch the game using this shortcut and it will have all the dev features.

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Thanks! It works just fine :slight_smile:

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