Deck Mode - More than 25 cards

Title says it all. I’m asking for a game mode, where I can make decks without 25 cards limit. I feel like 40 shall be great since you can add max 10 per age. Though I’m asking only available to offline games with AI or LAN, not online because it would be imbalanced,I’m curious if it’s possible to make it as official mode. I’m even fine with it as a mod btw.

Thanks for the reading and have a good day/night.

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Why not just an “all cards” mode like the full techtree in AoE1 and 2.
Absolutely not balanced but maybe fun with friends.
The card cost get higher each time you send one though so it’s unlikely that you will send much more than 25 anyway.
Having to kill hundreds of enemies to get enough XP send another maybe 20 units doesn’t seem that useful.


40-cards mode seems not worth implementing. Since players have only one city per civ on DE (which is amazing), I don’t know how this could even work (deck types…?).

All-cards mode actually seems more reasonable to implement and even makes more sense I’d say. A limit as high as 40 is not really meaningful anyway.
It would still take some work to implement a functional UI for it, but it wouldn’t require design changes affecting other existing parts of the game.

Actually makes me think of an additional “random deck” mode, where you just get assigned a randomized deck of cards to play. Could be fun to see players forced to utilize some of the unusual cards in the game.

To be clear, I still don’t have super high hopes of either mode being very popular, but if enough people like the idea and devs consider it worthwhile, perhaps it could happen.

Random card mode seems nice but maybe go another step:
Random shipment mode. Every time you get enough XP for a shipment the game will chose a random shipment of the Age you are in. (One time shipments can only be shipped once.)
For balance all players will get the same type of shipment for each shipment. So for example if player 1 gets a unity upgrade for shipment 10 all players get a unit upgrade, but not the same, for their 10th shipment.
Not sure about Germany and Spain because they get different amounts of shipments. And that would kinda remove mercenaries.

The cards are all open, and the champion is Sweden.
They have unfair cards that can strengthen the army, mercenaries, and native fighters at the same time.
Similar melee enhancement card. Inca is the designated name, Sweden is the label.

More than 10 cards per Age is that what i wish …

This would obviously not be balanced. Like different start/end Ages or resources. It’s a fun thing once in a while to play with friends but not a real ranked gamemode.
Most people are casual players why not give them some variety.

It should be good if you select 40 cards from all countries

Play Spain, only choose German cards. easy.

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Is anyone wanting to develop a mod that allows for all cards to be used in any civ? If they do I promise to donate $100 to them.