Decrease storage taken from campaign videos

I mean in 2021 huge games are standard, yes.

But that doesn’t mean that this game has to bloat my storage with useless stuff.

From rounded 80 GBs, 60 GBs are only the videos of the campaign!

This alone is insane.

But it’s getting even better. Of those 60 GBs, 48 GBs are other languages that you won’t even need except when you change the language after every match.

I mean, just select a language at the install and just don’t download all those other videos at all?

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Question: did you install the 4k video pack DLC?

steam version in english is 35GB for me.

Only installing locales as you want them is pretty common in games; I haven’t checked to see what the size of my install on disk is.

EDIT: My install size on disk is also ~35GB

I got it with the gamepass. For me it’s 80GB, maybe it’s the 4k version.

But even if, there are over 50% storage taken from videos in languages I will never watch.
Doesn’t matter what version I use

An option to offload the cinematics could be nice. Even for someone like me who enjoys them, I’m unlikely to watch them over and over so being able to free up the space after I’ve completed the campaigns would be great.

There’s no reason someone couldn’t download them again if desired.


if you would open access to game files and remove all but EN folder (english) from \Age of Empires IV\cardinal\movies\source\campaign you can save space although updates probably download them again unless there is way on ms store

AGREED!!! Call of Duty allows you to skip campaign stuff and that’s 1/2 the game size. please, let us remove some of that stuff. i dont even need those other languages either

Steam version. No interest at all in installing the 4k video pack. However, I am begging for a DLC with better textures.

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It looks like the Windows Store version is installing more by default than Steam is.

There’s still a lot that could be unloaded if you don’t care about/are done with the campaigns.

Wait. There are videos in every language? It would’ve been simpler if they only had written localization (translated texts in subtitles and interface).