Deep Sea Fish Graphical Update

Problem: Shore fish, and Deep Sea fish look the same.

The only distinguishing feature of Deep sea fish that is obvious to the player is that it is simply not located close to the shore. Further details can of course be found by selecting and investigating the UI etc.

Deep sea fish are unique in that they:
a) slowly regenerate food stocks
b) have faster gathering rates

I suggest they change the look of deep sea fish to be simply be 2x the size, or give it a new animation and model that implies ‘Better fish’ , there should be a visual distinction to the importance of deep sea fish over shore fish.

This makes understanding the importance of deep fish easier for new players, and makes the game more learner friendly.


Absolutely agree, and while we are at it, they should also fix their inconsistent selection boxes.


oh for sure, why things like dead sheep and fish are so damn hard to task to I have no idea =P

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