Deepwatersgaming: Official announcement

Hello everybody!

I’m happy to announce to you the official launching of
Under the management of Cusu, our goal is to take Age of Empires II DE to the next level!

In our website you will find minute-to-minute live tracking of all current tournaments, information about players, teams and recent news about our beloved game.

It’s that all? Of course not! in the near future we will be also creating a lot of exclusive content , such as podcasts, Youtube/twitch content, our own events/competitions , and more.

We firmly believe is an exciting moment to Age of Empires II, and we will work to make the game bigger and better than ever!
Also, we understand that, while most of the players are fluent english speakers, Latin America is mad for Age of Empires, so that’s the reason why presents its content not only in english, but also in both spanish and portuguese.

I hope you will all enjoy our work, and will help us to get bigger and better, and thus, help us to make this amazing game grow even bigger.

For any inquieris, feel free to contact us

Thanks to all, and be ready to hear more about us!


Looks like it has been in the making for quite a while, wow

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actually, yes. It took us a good amount of work, and, obviously, we gonna keep working on it!

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