Def. Edition Cities Suggestion

Quick suggestion re. the new AOE II Definitive Edition -

I think clusters of buildings should generate a paved terrain around them, to make it look more like a proper city with a network of roads. On the other hand, no paving texture should generate if it’s just one individual building (e.g. an isolated house or tower), or if there are trees/farms in the way.

Who’s with me?


I do not think they will, it’s way too complicated and different from the original. It is primarily a remaster can be for more recent games as the 4 I imagine.


meh. that’s a citybuilder AoE is an rts and it need have the original feel.

I honestly would like something like this. As I recall, Age of Mythology did exactly this sort of thing, and I’m fairly certain it’s possible on a technical level. Whether they actually have the time to add in this kind of a function without creating problems, however, is the real kicker.

Well, here’s the thing… some of us do actually play the game in part to build awesome cities while waging war. It’s especially fun to do in co-op, but also just to set up majestic kingdoms with cool trade routes.


It would add some flavor but hey, AoE is a series of RTS games which you spam buildings and not care about the look of your civilization at all. AoE set a balance between economy focus and miltary focus. For example, if you want a miltary-focused game head to Cossacks. If you want an economy-focused game head to Anno. I always liked to RP and manage my city according to RP. However, you cannot both RP and play classical AoE at the same time.

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However, you cannot both RP and play classical AoE at the same time.

I’d say yes you can, just not in a competitive context. You can still play to enjoy the atmosphere and the little things.


All these boundaries you are setting are very artificial. Clearly the visuals are important - if the look of civilization buildings didn’t matter, why did they bother making different buildings per civ? Details are nice.


I don’t say it is pretty useless. But it is not more important than different civ building textures.

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I disagree with your premise there. Like I said, my friends and I always play AOE 2 in both a competitive and a “let’s build a cool place” mode. Part of what makes AOE 2 so much fun is that you -can- go either way with it.