Defeat 4 Persians with infinite resources?

Map is Michi, 4v4. post imp, 500 pop and you face 4 Persian, all human players and not idiots. You all have infinite resources. You can’t pick Persians. What 4 civs would you pick to take on this mighty force?

How would you defeat the war elephant spam from 4 Persian players, mixed in with other units?

spam monkas and some siege?

4 Italian players? just kidding. Persian lacks siege onager which is pretty big deal for michi. One of the biggest counter to War Elephants is monk halb.

Normal onagers can cut tree so it doesn’t matter (assuming the 4 persian are played by people and no AI)

Well, since the settings allow for a full pop ele army, both of these will get overwhelmed.

I have no idea why this would be any different than the earlier thread.

I’m going celts or ethiopians again. (I’ll drop koreans cause realised they don’t get heavy scorps)

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I wasnt talking about trees, I mean mass SO as a attack ground army, nothing can counter this on michi

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Spanish, Turk, Korean, Teutons or Byz and Mass Bombard Towers. Koreans probably the best for this because they can BBT+BBC+SO.

Put ‘Torpedo X’ (X is number of enemy) in the chat for every enemy.
‘I R WINNER’ is also an option.

Dont forget to enable cheats before the game starts.

I think, that these don’t work in games with other humans. “HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON” certainly works though. You could surprise your opponents with “inhuman” apm by preparing an autohotkey script for instantly spawning hundreds of cobra cars and demolish their bases quicker than they can say “Viper confirmed”.

Using cheat codes is of course a joke :wink:

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You could always send forth the flaming camels…


1 civ with infantary bonus to spam hallbardiers
1 civ with camel bonus to spam camels
1 civ with monks bonus to convert elephants (coordination to convert those that are not attacked might be tought)
1 civ to defend like Biz or to attack with good siege weapons like Turks

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