Defensive building priorization

Defensive buildings should priorize in his attacks:

  1. Units
  2. Siege
  3. Defensive enemy buildings
  4. The rest

It’s ridiculous that you are being rushed, and you have to micro the town center, the villagers, the horsemen, the archers, and the infantry, whereas your enemy just have to sit back and kill the villagers with the archers or shoot your troops with them, while protecting the archers with the pikes.

This is what AOE4 elitist call “micro”.


I don’t like the TC’s priorization for rams either. But if you priorize units you will end up in a defensive powerhouse in dark and feudal age. Get rid of homing arrows and im completely fine with TC’s not priorizing rams anymore. I mean the devs have obviously just destroyed any feudal aggression bar TR with the most recent patch. What else do you want? 40 minutes no rush without calling it a 40 minutes no rush game? Ask for a treaty mode then. This game is already very static in castle and imperial ages and now it is going to be just as static in feudal age. Well done.

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And what’s the problem about a defensive building acting like a defensive building?

I don’t get it, imagine if you had to micro your units to attack other units, because they attack EVER the nearest enemy thing.

I think it’s called playability, claim that it would unbalance the game is claim that the game lacks major balancing, that needs to artificially ruin gameplay to balance it.