Dehli Sultanate Mastery Military Construction

I just attempted this mastery again. You can’t get them. There is already a forum thread here, but you closed it. Why is it closed even though the problem has not been resolved?

Here is the closed Thread

How do you want to help those affected (several have contacted us) if you simply close the post?

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I didn’t close the post I’ve been waiting patiently for a fix. Is there a way to contact the age of empires team directly or do we simply have to just sit here and wait for nothing.

I closed it :raised_hand:. I do that so I know I don’t need to watch the thread any further. I’ll typically only leave a thread open after I respond if we’re not 100% sure of the exact nature of the problem and hope more people report, need more info, etc. This one seems to be pretty cut and dry and we hope to have a fix I believe in the next patch.


have the same issue, cant finish the mastery

I have the same problem with the Delhi Mastery to build 1000 stone worth of structures with military units.

Ok, this information would have helped. Then I hope for the new patch.

The same problem happened to me, I only used military units to build wooden walls, but still couldn’t unlock the achievement. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon.

I reported I via support, and no developing team contact me further.
Deli mastery is the last one I remain.
I try ten times since patch 11963.
However my friend already achieve this mastery before this patch.
Could you check what happened and feedback fixing due date?

Hey, all! There’s a patch dropping today that should fix this. Please give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

thank you devs, after the patch it works, great job

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