Delete Nothing and Trebuchets

I am curious about deleting trebuchets on Delete Nothing maps (AOE2). When I delete one, nothing happens. Should get a relic. All other deletes work correctly: villager = sheep; house = lumber camp foundation; lumber camp = lumber. Deleting mining camps equal same lumber.

Other question: when I skirmish on delete nothing map with only AI, they never do anything except eat sheep when they arrive.

This is more of a modding question. However, the trebuchet is probably because it’s not set up correctly, and the AI behavior will be because the AI simply doesn’t know how to play, and expects to be playing a regular game.

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The AI is not great at playing non-standard. It knows how to build up its own ideal game under the circumstances of a regular random map game on most maps, but it can only improvise to some extent. If you rush the AI really early for instance you can just throw it off its gameplan completely (although I think the DE AI is a bit better there than the HD version). Play with non-standard settings and you can screw their game up more. A mod game mode where you have to delete units to get resources? It’s never going to figure that out. That’s not what it’s programmed to do. This is a fundamental weakness of game AI’s. Even hypermodern machine learning AI’s can’t handle that. Not unless they were trained by playing that mod housands of times.

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