Delete onager is a real thing


Delete onager to increase the attack is a bug but it’s need to stay in the game.
In real life, you can choose the power of your siege and if you go over the limit it will break it.
For example a wood bow, you can bend it over the max and the arrow will be very power full but the wood will be damaged and then you won’t be able to shot with it. When I was younger I made a small trebuchet (4m high and a dozen deploy) and I increase the power of it until it breaks. To increase the power I increase the weight of counterweight with bags of dirt.


its been fixed in the next patch I believe. a few people on reddit mentioned they tested on the May PUP and its been removed so we just have to wait


Is a bug… remove it or integrate it as a new mechanic in an elegant way. Maybe a “special” shot with more damage and splash radius but have high cooldown with maybe a speed movement penalty


Sad news, a bug that make sens


It’s probably not possible/not worth the effort but it they could make the projectile keep the old behaviour if the mangonel is deleted (ie. calculated risk is rewarded) and change it only if it is killed by the enemy (u suck at mango micro so u don’t get to have a 1-1 trade when you should have 0-1) it could be a good compromise.

Tbh I dont get why they needed to delete it. It was a fair trade off even if it was a bug


Maybe it was related to Ratha’s bug?


I am happy they are going to fix the bug. Bug exploits aren’t Features worth keeping imo.

Eh, if they are good whatever

Sad :frowning: that was a really cool bug which award skill and risks.

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i think they should leave it because it’s a high risk high reward technique. If you miss the uphill shot or they dodge it, you lose the onager for free.


I think Delete micro should be removed but replaced with a short of overload mechanic where you can increase the 10-20% and the range by .5-1 in exchange for some of your health

This would be stupid, you would just need to repair your mangonel like you usually do and enjoy the damage boosts all the time, while you can’t repair a dead mangonel.


Fair maybe just nerf its effectiveness ore increase the damage

what about the ability to Also what about the ability to undershoot bypassing minimum range at the cost of damage?

idk, except making archer micro harder, does not feel fun to me either.

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