Deleting Pillars Should Not Return Wood Resource

minute 1 aprox. he recovers 60 wood on 5 pilars deleted (and the pilars are replaced by a part of the wall that doesnt uses wood)

Efficient Walling Tutorial (Pillar-less Walls) | Age of Empires III

minute 0:54
Minuto 054
359 starting wood
251 remaining wood after a 5 pillars wall
108 wood spent on 5 pillars
311 final wood after destroying pillars
359 - 311 he actually spent 48 wood
60 wood recovered after destroying pillars
60/5 = 12 wood recovered per pillar.

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This is not a bug, It is just a mechanic which is just too good. Just have to keep giving your thoughts in this post. Opinion and suggestion for walls in AOE3

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its a bug. come on bro. It shouldnt save wood


Say you have miss placed your barracks and you delete before building to rebuilt. Shouldnt it give 200 wood bak? that is what happening here

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well the barrack still should be there to match this case, or be replaced for a similar building that equals barracks function


Not a bug, if you delete any unbuilt foundation you will get back wood. This is not the appropriate section to discuss your qualms with a game mechanic working as it’s supposed to since the beginning of the existence of aoe 3 and the remake.


yes but you dont get another building in replace, the space should be left blank without wall on it.
maybe is not a bug, but it is an exploit.
An unintended exploit, so it qualifies it to be on report bug section


It’s not a big…it’s part of mechanic for aoe3 and has been there from start

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This is no exploit and you should be requesting moderators to delete your thread from the subforum, you can remake a thread on this topic in the discussion subforum.

this is not a bug and it should not be changed.


why not? it would save a lot of time

If you want to change this use a different subforum, this is for reporting bugs not trying to sneak in changes because the devs don’t know any better. If you want to lobby for unbuilt pillars not giving back wood when deleted do it in the discussion subforum. It’s disgusting to try and pass this off as a bug and have it changed while no player would think of this as a legitimate bug report.

That is exactly what happens. You don’t get any replacement when you delete pillars; they are just gone.
I think you misunderstand how this “trick” works. You just build wall segments close enough so that you don’t need pillars between them.

I think it’s overall a healthy game mechanic that makes the player choose between placing less efficient walls or placing more efficient walls that take considerably more time (APM) to place properly.

it saves 50% wood aprox. at least give an option to build without pilars with a botton on iu, instead of we having to delete them.
Of course we dont need 20 pillars we need just like 4 on a huge wall side. to buiild 2 doors. or maybe 3.

I dont think its a healthy game mechanic, many people doesnt know it, and it saves 50% wood, is a big trick that can be add on IU the option to build a cheaper wall wihtout pilars. The time spent on building walls like this is well paid with wood.

and i just put it as a bug, because maybe devs dont now about this. Its a hidden feature to save wood, that many people is not informed of. Because who would iamgine that if there is not on IU.
Any player when deleting a pillar would imagine that wall would have a slit, but it doesnt if it is not a very strecthed wall, so only for that i consider it a bug, because there should be a slit, instead of saving wood.

If you want a cheaper wall that cost less wood but dont have pillars, then devs can make a button for creating that cheap wall without having to delete (deleting pillars only take like 1 second and save huge amounts of wood, making the difference on day and night on building walls) its the same time taht ordering a vilalger to gather wood from crates (the amount os wood saved on building walls like this, is like ordering a villager to gather from crates)

issues which cause unanticipated or unexpected results while you’re playing. These are known as “bugs,” and this is where you can report them!
Its unexpected that deleting pillars still have wall when deleting them

To a point I agree with him. There are too many things hidden in this game which are not shown to the new player. Only old players are aware of. Reworking how wall works could help with this because deleting pilars doesn’t matter how fun or well paid it is. Is something we got used to because nobody took the time to rework it before

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This defiantly should be removed. its unintended by the original developer for sure. players found out how to gain an advantage trough this and it should be removed.

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OFC this is a bug…it’s definitely not something intended by the original devs, and removing pillars is obviously a bug exploit even if it’s done universally. I’m sure they thought doing this would leave gaps on the walls.

The wall price was originally chosen with the pillars in mind. So the pillars should be enforced or completely removed(with a price compensation). That’s my piece on the subject

You can say it is not a bug but definitely an abuse, and must be adjusted.

There I agree. Game was intended for you to use Pilars and layers but people found a way to make walls cheaper through deleting pilars.
Those who delete them have a huge advantage over those who don’t and it is not informed to new players that you may delete pilars.

I would recommend a complete rework of walls where pilars are no longer needed. Leaving layers only could potentially balance it out for everybody

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