Deleting your own villagers is saddening

Instead of dying, they could probably turn neutral and walk to the edge of the map and disappear?

Come on. They worked so hard… we should “dismiss” them instead of deleting them.

(Not a priority but something I’d like to see in the AoE franchise in all the games)


Nope. Die! Die! Die!

At least you can shift queue the die ability. I like to tell them to drop their resources off, then do whatever it is they do to stop doing anything.

Bravo, spoken like a true 6 year old!

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make them walk into the river or out into the forest.


6 year olds are smart as ■■■■

100% agree.
Also need to and pacific mod - armies not fighting but throwing flowers(like arrows) into each other.
Replace carcases with cakes.

What else?

Dismissing them like in Stronghold games would be interesting, having them walk into the TC to drop off resources and then disappear could work.

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