Delhi could use some love [PUP]

Delhi received a nerf last patch with Herbal Medicine healing being reduced from +100%->60% and Tower Elephants receiving a large health nerf without the cost being adjusted - increased ranged armor, but were not usually dying to range units.

Now on the PUP all civs received an eco upgrade cost reduction by 30%, but Delhi did not see a reduction in their research time. This is a huge slap in the face to this already suffering civ.

More so Elephants are in a weird place. War Elephants are destroyed by cheap spearmen, and crossbow, and Tower Elephants are a mediocre back line unit now that they cannot damage soak. Instead of playing with their stats, lets finally make them unique.

Abbasid Camels are a great example, you basically will see camels in any composition because of their aura buffs, and I think we should do the same with Delhi Elephants. We should add an aura that slows movement or attack speed, reduces nearby enemy armor, etc. They could really make a viable support unit without breaking the game.

Delhi is in an okay place on the live servers. But with the way things are looking in the next patch, they will hardly be a viable civ, completely extinct from tournaments, and decimated in the lower ranks. Please show them some love.


how i analyze delih if the professionals just don’t garrison the scholars instead they lead them into battle

What I miss from elephants is some speed boost like Delhi infantry has. That would allow elephants to engage bettter or retreat.

An AOE3 concept!! You know what? As much as I shit on AOE3 and others in the aoe4 community a lot has been grafted into this game from aoe3 to include almost the whole ottoman design. I wouldn’t mind if War Elephants ONLY had an aura that slowed units down near them.

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I’ve been saying literally that exactly, since last year.

Even prospectively having it start at a marginal amount of a buff, increasing with additional elephants, up to a certain, reasonable limit.

Just to be clear y’all happy paying 1000 Res for a support unit? You’re going to pay 1000 Res just so the enemy is 5% slower , and your whole army is of course also slower to keep pace with the ele?

Make them actually terrifying instead of a giant target, give them something like forced march except they can still attack, or some version of a activated charge/trample

Anyone that has played total war knows what an elephant should do :rofl:


Perhaps the Delhi Sultanate can be given a new unique unit as the War Elephant will be a regional unit in the future to be used for other civilizations that used elephants in battles (I.e., Chola Dynasty and Persians). The new unique unit the Delhi Sultanate can get is the Ghulam.

Idk where you’re getting 5% from, but something is better than what we currently have.

Elephants should be the most terrifying thing on the battlefield, at least to a foot soldier or anything that is smaller than the said murder beast. In AOE 4 they are fat donkeys with 2 archers on top. With Delhi, someone got the bright idea of free tech and that’s it, now no one can think past that one point. Which is useless to Delhi by late game as everyone techs up and they decreased cost of all techs. So just keep getting direct and indirect nerfs because apparently Delhi going wild with the wins.

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This is dont true. Delhi need buff.

Agree. Im not a great player, but for me - Delhi is the most hard civ to win. They are fine in start of feodal, but castle (with nerfed elehpants) and imperial (with extremely long time of upgrades) - they just dont have any tools for win.

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For me the saddest thing was that there was zero compensation for buffing eco techs for everyone else.

Like it would’ve made sense if Delhi had been top tier, and therefore didn’t need compensation, but they decided to buff every single other civ, without compensating the bottom civ that also doesn’t benefit from the game wide buff.

It doesn’t take an expert to realise there was something wrong with that.

They aren’t an auto lose civ, but coupled with Otto’s hard counterring Delhi’s best thing in castle age(Jan v ele) I really hope Devs pull out a buff before this PUP is implemented in game

I also think the relic nerf hurts Delhi more than anyone else, due to their poor eco, making the reduced income felt even more (as opposed to something like the monster ecos on HRE and rus missing out on little)

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Support it! Bring elephants back into the game (really), they got no viability in Imperial.

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