Delhi Keep Tech bugs and many more

Delhi keep techs increase in research cost the more scholars you have in your network.

Additionally there are major inconsistencies with techs in the tech tree, some showing cost and regular time (as if not Delhi techs) other showing up in the wrong location, and other showing cost and extended time.

(honed blades in the last screenshot is in the wrong section based on when it is accessible in game, but has the time modifier as if it were an imperial tech)


Tower of Victory does not apply to Men at arms,
Hisar Academy will stop providing 1 food per tech per 6 seconds (or 10 food per minute per tech) in certain use cases; one instance depending on when honed blades is researched (if after Hisar is built).
Delhi’s tech tree description still says they gain free weapon emplacements in keeps
Tower Elephants name change does not show up in game
Tower Elephants do not receive bonus armor from Armored Beasts tech
Dock techs reset research time if canceled at any point
Blacksmith upgrades do not apply to Tower Elephant Archer/Crossbow ranged Damage, and neither do they scale off the upgrade techs of their infantry counterparts (veteran vs elite), however Tower Crossbows are affected by the most recent balance changes to bonus damage (going from 8 > 11 vs heavy armor)
Madrasa Ranged tech also does not affect the ranged damage of Tower Elephants
Piety, although researchable in the dark ages has imperial age time modification
Textiles is not affected by any increased research modifier

p.s. seems like a lot was overlooked or missed due to crunch, if you need more hands on deck I would happy to help. You should have my resume on file, but in any case you know where to contact me.


After the most recent patch note/leak with none of these issues being addressed, is anyone working on fixing this at all?


… 45m + 45m + 1h5m. kinda terrible ngl

Aware of issues with Delhi—working on it. Thanks, all.

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