Delhi Relic dissapear on mosque entry

Edit: version 5.0.11963.0
MP game 4v4 king ofd the hill

I just encountered a bug where the delhi can get its relics to dissapear.

I have uploaded a video of replay to YT:

I think the problem is because i give shift commands. I always tell priests to pick up relic and come home. Normally I don’t play delhi, so i can’t gerrison in the building. But the Delhi monk can just walk in with the relic, and make it dissapear.
i saw my gold per min go up by 100 , and the video does show 1 relic in the mosque. instead of 3.
End of game result showed 2 relics, but that is probably because i accidentally took it out, and put it in again.

yes you can actually garrison a monk with a relic inside the mosque if the monk is holding a relic and you give the garrison command instead of deposit relic command. but when you take that monk out he commes out with the relic which you can then deposit.