Delhi Scholars and Feudal Landmarks

The new Dome of the Faith nerf is reasonable, but it is still THE delhi feudal landmark choice.
As Delhi chosing DOTF over Tower of Victory is not because Tower is bad, the choice is obvious because you will need the scholars for economy(techs), military(double production), sacred sites and healing. While regular mosques can produce scholars too, the difference in price makes it impractical to make scholars from mosques in the early game.

Now that mosques produce scholars faster than DOTF it could even become a problem when capturing sacred sites could snowball into giving you extra gold to make more scholars faster to protect those sites.

Now, my suggestion is to make scholars cost 100 gold (same as prelates) and always train in 45 seconds. With that change both landmarks could do something else to differentiate themselves without DOTF having a monopoly in scholar production.
For example DOTF could now work as a regular mosque plus grant exclusive access to the scholar techs(All-seeing eye, swiftness and zeal) while tower of victory could work as barracks+archery range with exclusive access to Eficcient Production, this way chosing one would mean better monks OR better army.

Those changes aren’t exactly buffs or super exciting but Delhi doesn’t really need buffs right now, if anything they will probably get nerfed eventally anyways.