Delhi Scholars 'Swiftness' upgrade gives 50%, not 100% movement speed

The Delhi ‘Swiftness’ research for scholars increases movement speed from 1.12 Tiles/s to 1.69 Tiles/s. This is approximately ~1.5x, so an increase of 50%, whereas the indicator for the research shows a 100% increase. Is it true that this is not intended, or does movement speed have a different way of calculation?

Same can be said for the scholars ‘All-seeing-eye’ upgrade. Isn’t their default LoS 6.6667? (Source: Explorer – AoE4 World). Therefore, their LoS should be 13.334 with the +100% upgrade: However, it still seems to be much smaller than a scouts LoS (9.111).

I know this is a report bug thread but…given the reduction in staff and the unpopularity of delhi among the player base AND the fact that they just fixed a elephant siege bug last patch that’s been in the game for 2 years…i think it’s to say, such (presumably) tooltips bugs are not priority :roll_eyes:

Might be. However, unlike the elephant bug, this is something that should be able to be fixed within 5 minutes!