Delhi scholars

After the well need nerfs to herbal medicine and combat healing, delhi scholars have become lackluster even with the gold discount…

I’ll compile my scholar redesign suggestions here!!

  1. Make piety a faster research and have it double the base scholar hp from 90 to 180hp. This will make the scholar more viable in combat EARLY. The healing in combat isn’t anything noteworthy but what’s even more disappointing is how quickly enemy range can clean up your typically expensive GOLD units that also take a million years to train.

  2. Make Dome of Faith extend a buff to all mosque that allows scholars to be trained in 12s!!! But Dome still takes 40s to train. This will help in mid to late game where the gold saved on making a scholar is less significant than the TIME saved; which would equate to more than twice the normal training speed. (Make effective use of that sacred site monies). Would also solve Imperial research time issues since you’d buy the scholars fast enough to catch and surpass other civs research speeds.

  3. Move scholar movement speed to feudal. This ability is very very strong and functional and would work wonders on relic pickup and making army movement NOT be bottleneck by the scholar walk speed for long.

When i wrote this i was unaware they had just released a patch!!!

While scholars weren’t touched…dome of faith received a slight buff and house of learning also. I’ll create a separate thread to address delhi changes in total.

Only data will tell if this was enough? But my skepticism remains given scholars are admittedly “specialized units”. Which is another of saying they have very specific uses and are NOT meant to be continously produced…

IMO that is a problem if that’s what the dev intend given the description of the delhi civ is supposed to be about technological advancement and defensive and elephantos (scholar help speed research and their healing is most optimal as defensive or regrouping mech out of combat).