Delhi Sultanate Construction Bug?

Not really sure if this is really a bug or not, but I find it very odd and a bit disorienting that Delhi Sultenate military can construct walls and defensive emplacements…but they can’t repair them when they’re damaged? I would imagine that if I am able to construct something, I can also repair. Is this a bug or intentional?


This one is intentional for balance issues—the team wants players to risk more valuable Villagers instead of just using Infantry, which they will likely have many of.

That’s a fair point, however it just leads to a weird gameplay mechanic where you just delete your own walls to be able to place new ones. I can see the gameplay implications of not being able to repair from the other side while being attacked though.

The balance team may need some assistance here, as the gameplay usage is extremely clunky. If the faction (which is regarded as the weakest) has to still use villagers then it becomes a highly unuseable faction perk.

For instance infantry being able to build various siege on the field for Abbassids, works perfectly!!! (all for free mind you, no tier 3 landmark to do mangonels and springalds - as Delhi for stone)

Delhi infantry being able to build outposts and keeps (because it has no good tier 2 unit) and walls (stone too), and repair them should be a default feature.

Otherwise what happens instead villagers are required so I instead just… use military units as military units and villagers to come build the walls and outposts and keeps.

It’s called a “defensive civ” but it doesn’t function as one. Delhi is close.

I actually think if Delhi infantry were given full construct / repair they still wouldn’t be that high on tier list due to no real eco bonus besides berries.


I just discovered something concerning related to Delhi construction. As you well know, there is a landmark that allows infantry to build stone walls. Without it, they technically shouldn’t, but they can.

Repro steps:

  • -Create a ghost of intended stone walls with vills
  • -Get your infantry and build a short palisade near the aforementioned walls
  • -Wait and see how after finishing the palisade your infantry goes and starts working on building the stone wall, without the need for the specific landmark

Thanks @Anthodeus! This is a bug we are aware of and investigating.