Description is very wrong. :D

This is the Canadian Revolution as British, and none of the tribes in the card description are actually recruitable, only the ones on the details are true.
Instead of Comanche, Cheyenne, Seminole and Klamath, you get Nookta, Cherokee, Huron and Cree.

I find this extremele amusing, to be honest, and is probably an easy fix, specially because Brits synergize more with the Infantry anyway.

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That is the description of the American version of that card. Someone just hit ctrl+c, ctrl+v for the description and forgot to change the names.

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i read that IU and i understand almost nothing.
elite rifleman enabled means i can create them right?
cree warrior societes stattus set to active mean its active, but what is cree warrior societes? this should be shown there.
same with nootka warrior societies.
maybe if they add an hyperlink on cree warrior societies to know what it does mean?
and even better an hyperlink to see elite rifleman stats or just hovering the mouse over “elite rifleman enabled” to see stats before sending card?
and even better removing the homecity background and just let see the map?