Design a Calvary archer unit

For CA, we have the CA, the mangudai (better against siege, and faster attack in general), kipchak (chukonu version), arambai (no accuracy but powerful), camel archer (with bonus against CA, like camels against calvary), elephant archer and wood wagons (tanky), And I don’t know if I forget something. Well, mamelukes (Axe thrower on a horse).

Is there any other concept not covered that can be used for a new UU? Here some ideas:

-really short range, but really fast or strong attack
-strong attack and long range, but very slow attack, so you can not micro them in the traditional way, so they are played in s different way.
-konnik Calvary archer, spawns an archer after dying

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or a ca that can shoot while running but it should have the same speed as a knight

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I posted two ideas, none very well reciebed 11 good luck with that:

-CA that can switch between standar attack or attack while running (worse rof and accuracy).
-CA that can switch between range or melee attack (both low base attack).

The original samurai was supposed to switch between melee and range, but they discarded that because it was difficult to program

It wasn’t hard to program at all. It’s just that players would encounter issues like letting them to guard a castle, and they would come back to see them trying to kill siege with their arrows. After the castle was destroyed of course.


i would like to see a CA equivalent of the konnik, with the rider becoming a foot archer. That’s a really cool idea actually.

Another concept: anti-infantry cavalry archer. Low base damage, but good anti-infantry bonus damage. Useful to deal with pikes very quickly and support the main heavy cavalry units.

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CA already are anti-infantry (as are archers in general). And they get a bonus against the spearmen line.


Idk, the concept of CA is anti-infantry itself…


That would be sick. Imagine having konnik front line supported by konnik archers. Id never play another civ. Then give them bbc too. I already use ca and konnik.

Yes and no, they are good against halbs if you have parthian tactics, but they are not really paticularly efficient at that, especially if not microing. This would be a dedicated anti-infantry unit.

Already exists, the Kipchak.

Good idea. I think the Elephant Archer would be a really good candidate for this. If we replaced the HC +1 range unique tech with +2 Ele Archer range unique tech for example.

Oh god please no, this sounds like an incredibly frustrating unit to fight against :slight_smile:

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It looks frustrating, but skirmishers counter both kind of units

An unit don’t necesary should to have attack bonus to be a counter

and if its a specifically slower than normal CA, to indicate the additional armour or whatnot allowing them to fight on foot, then it would make even heavy cav more viable vs them…

the konnik is a far more frustrating unit to deal with since it literally counters its own counter

yeah exactly

the kipchak is bad against ranged units (due to its fragility) and its bad against heavy cav (due to its low damage vs inherently higher PA)

meaning process of elimination = anti infantry, and happens to have the additive bonus of anti ram.

so we could make a pure anti infantry CA, but it would kind of defeating the purpose when one exists, as well as other units missing (long range high damage CA for example)

ESPECIALLY since infantry are not the meta… like maybe if infantry were seen more in games this would be justifiable, yet another type of HC, but they arent, so i dont see reason for it

The point is that it should just be a counter unit in this case, so to keep the cost low. An anti-infantry CA should be a support unit, not the core of your army. Heavy cavalry does the heavy work, but it needs something to clean up the halbs quickly while maintaining the mobility.

Kipchak was supposed to be an extremely microable unit, which excelled when microed carefully. After all the nerfs, kipchaks are just not that good at anything anymore. Not the worst UU, but by far not the best either.

if you want a cavalry with low micro potential but high attack, I would think in ligh-artillery-cavalry with two configurations such as trebuchets. But this would be siege-cavalry

Another non covered option is a CA with higher pierce armor but lower HP, like rattan archers. It would be better against archers but worse against skirms. Good for raiding.
I dont know what historical cav archer unit would fit this concept, although it is partially present with silk armor

the genitour as trash CA.

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That’s the point, it would really unbalance, how do you stop a core cavalry army if they are supported by a cheap counter for my cheap counter plus with range and mobility? You can go for Knights and add some CA for support in mid and late CAstle Age… but you have resign booming, otherwise it is unbalance… With this cheap anti infantry CA you potencially could go knights, support them with anti pikes, harass the enemy with your mobility and keep booming…

I would like to see a cavalry crossbow.

It could have more attack, good accuracy, less Range and less rof than a HCA.

But know that i wrote this i feel like they Will be a conqs with ballistics and less dmg. But still i would like to see them

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Camel Musketeer that deal bonus dmg against cavalry. Same atk and range as conq but same RoF as HC.

If it has a short range, the Kipchak is a better version (Cumans lacking Bracer). If you give a Cav Archer 3 range naturally, it will be useless since Crossbowmen will kill it (having 5 natural range). So I like the Kipchak approach.

Basically the War Wagon. You may not realise it, but is has the same range as Magyar Cavalry Archers and more attack than Mangudai and Camel Archers. It also has shenanigans for Manipuri Cavalry naturally. It is the slowest attacking Mounted Archer, and attacks every 2.5 seconds without TR. Also with Koreans, you do not mind lacking Bloodlines.

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