Desync on boat maps

4 Player vs 4 AI on any of the three primarily boat maps. Archipelago, Bolder Bay, Warring Islands.

Within 30 min of the start of the match 1-3 players will begin to experience substantial desync.
The error warning. “You may be experiencing low frame rate or even falling behind other players.” Will be displayed on the desynced players computers. This dose not seem to be related to the capabilities as task manager is not showing any of the computers near their capabilities and the affected computers are seemingly random. The game quickly becoming up to 5 minutes out of sync and unplayable.

Assuming this is an issue related to AI boat collision/pathing as the only ways we have found to “correct” the issue is to build a wonder, which changes the AI playstyle, or kill the boats. In both cases the game will progressively resync.

Hey @_GGL_PiGood1—Are you seeing command lag in these matches as well?

Sortof. For the affected yes also notiable frame rate drops to around 8-12fps. The command seem to be going thru to the “host” machine almost instantly when issued but will not be visable on the affected machine until it reaches the the same time in the timeline action on the host machine.

So command issued a 1:00 Host 0:30 Desynced Client will not occur on the Client until 1:30 Host and 1:00 Client

Chat and Pings do not seem to be affected.

Victory conditon timers will also become out of sync. Even the completion of the game. For exsample we had one round where what I assume was the host machine finished nearly 5 minutes the the last player did. Causeing an intresting post game screen where the game ended but the timeline ran an additional 5 minuts past the end of the game.

Thought is might be latency or packet loss, but we had under 60ms to each other and no obious packet loss.

Thank you for reporting @_GGL_PiGood1! While there should be some improvement coming here, I definitely recommend that those of you who can please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Thanks!