Desyncs are high in the latest patch

With the AOE:DE update 9 i have had multiple games with people getting desynced and disconnected from the match.

When this happens there is a high chance that more than one payer will get desynced at the same time. With older patches (content update 7 and 8) there was rarely desyncs, and if there were it was most of the time only one player getting disconnected.

Am i only one seeing higher amount of desyncs than before patch 9?


Have you been able to do anything to replicate this occurrence? Developers need more technical information, particularly a procedure to replicate the error. If they have that, they can usually more quickly resolve it.

How is your ISP by the way? Any changes recently?

This is how it begins. Out of sync’s (OOS’s) are a slippery slope. The development team needs to stop adding new features or fixing other bugs and track down this OOS ASAP. If you don’t track this down in 2-3 patches multiplayer will be completely unplayable and you will have a total nightmare of a time fixing the problems.

-Richard Geldreich

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