Desyncs on purpose

Ever have one of those games where there was zero lag? In either 1v1, or a 4v4 team game. Your team is winning, the enemy is near defeated. But all of a sudden, you are hit with massive lag and a desync happens. This happened to me in Age of Empires 2 HD 2013, I think as well in Definitive Edition.

In DE, it simply shutdown. It was a 1v1 ranked game, I was near winning, I destroyed his town center and he had very few villagers and army left. Then a crash came out of nowhere, in a game with zero lag.

Back in HD they would lagswich their Internet down to slow speed to try cause a desyncs, as in a crash. In reaction to losing a game. It often ends up with them winning the game, and you being cut out of the game due to it. I think it might still be possible in DE.

Afaik they can force a de-sync but it will appear as a de-sync message on your screen. An actual crash is likely the game itself doing game things.

People have reported all sorts of weird things on top of one sided lag or stutter l. I’ve had a couple random crashes. And others have had huge amounts of crashes.

So this might be one more to the pile.

But who knows, maybe it is even a forced de-sync somehow crashing you…

It has happened to me a few times in 1v1s.

Something like this happened the last time: Having a big advantage, no lag so far, but out of a sudden this weird lag/freeze happens followed by a fast forward “replay” of all the events you missed, and then you see you lost most of your units. I ask for a pause to close the other programs in case it was me, but he replies passive aggresively and unpauses immediately. As I suspect, it wasn’t me, because almost the same the same thing happens later on in a key moment. At the end he resigned because the game reached a point where there wasn’t anything he could do to defend, and I didn’t have to pay any attention to micro