Dev: we spend around 20mins for each game to queue for opponents

we are not friend of smurf either and hence our account has to wait for like 20 mins just to play a game
can we have something similar to league of legends? no rank no player name is shown till the game start?

If they are in the 1% of the ladder, they must play during peak hours or on weekends

No name, no rank would be nice, if the game actually could make balanced matches. Matching you with platinum-diamond players or players that are not premade would be a guaranteed loss. I was on the other end of one of those matches once and I don’t blame anyone for dodging that situation.

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hate to say it but this game is quite dead (at least for teams), i dont even feel like playing anymore these days.

the decision making behind this game has most certainly almost everything to do with the game’s decline.


Is hard to see this game with low players numbers, after DOW 3 relic was too afraid of implementing new and cool things and they ended up with a age 2 semi clone, with the 1997 mechanics and even downgrade in some areas, when I see the x019 trailer and what the game is now, I feel bad for relic, they make so much retarded decisions.


It’s not gonna get much better, and it’s very obvious what needs changing, and it’s really not the game aspect that needs changing for now because good natural changes would happen to the game aspect if some other things change, which you can imagine on your own. As a business, with $50 price tag, I suppose they have already succeeded I guess and there might be less incentive or ambition for the game to succeed.


I dont get why people dont want to play this? I am having a blast!

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It’s not 50 anymore they cut the price like 3 times last year in attempts to lure people in.


the playing statistics tell a different story

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OP’s screenshot speaks truth.

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Agree. This game as not team games. It is onky for 1v1 and is a dead game

Gold words. Personally i played all the games of the saga. Aoe4 is a joke.

Less micro
Less apm
Just get the 1-3 civ that are near to be unstoppable and gg.
When there is a battle in mass you can not understand what units are, where you units are.
The gane is unbalanced too much.

Instead of making a fake age3 Relic can do really better.

i dont think its so much about the civs, coz as an example, if u pick beasty’s civ and u pick ur counter, hes still going to beat u.

people can play around balance and adjust

my main issue with the game is matchmaking, UI, bugs, performance… not balance. i dont even bother playing PUP and i adjust just fine and win majority of my games.

no wonder cant see u recently man!
come back, we cant wait to play with u OyaG, OGay ( u have a lot of names i remember)

boosting this post to let the dev see.
please - enforce hidden player name, rank before assigning team
i’d even suggest to further lower the rank point drop for lower elo player loses to higher elo player to encourage the lower elo player to at least give it a try.

sometimes when we want to try new civ, we cant even get a chance to do so becox of “Conq” rank status

find some extra dudes who will play on your level… and stop bashing noobs.
like aoe2 pros did. They have their discord for 2k-2.3k+ for TeamGames.

i would still dodge teamTAG with 80%+ WR.

we dont have many players these days on at the same time and if we did, they aren’t usually actually “conq” level

if the games were advertised and i can see who is on, we can surely find a way to find players to even the playing field… but you know… “quick search” works sooooooooooo well for this sort of game… (sarcasm)