Developer Improvements Suggestions: Dropped Games into Same Lobby; Hidden Color Positions; Fortified Palisades

Listed in order of importance for developers:

  1. When games drop, the save and restore system NEEDS to place the exact same players back into the lobby together.

This was the number one reason that I like Voobly over HD. In HD and DE, when you drop from a game, game desyncs, etc, basically the game doesn’t finish because you don’t get the players back together. This shouldn’t be the case. In Voobly, you return to the same lobby with the same players. Just put the players all back together so that they just have to ready up. If a player doesn’t return, that is as good as resigning and that player should lose elo.

  1. Set Positions with Colors Needs to be Hidden.

In tournament play, it can be very important to know who is going to play which position in a team game. For example, I want my worst player to tower rush a specific player. I want that player to be next to that player. Based on the colors, you can set that up. The other team wants a different player next to the player you want to tower rush. Now you have a situation where team game tournaments will have to come up with a system who picks position first. It would just be better if it is Hidden Color. The other team would see which colors are chosen when they go through the numbers, but they wouldn’t know who picked which color.

  1. Fortified Wall Technology Affects Palisade Walls

Awhile ago Forgotten Empires experimented with being able to upgrade normal palisade walls into Fortified Palisade Walls. This was dropped as the developers didn’t want to make it even easier to wall up early.

However, if it was the same technology as for stone walls, this wouldn’t really be much of a problem later in the game to have Fortified Palisade Walls. It would work much the same way as the War Galley Tech does, upgrading two things at once.

This is not a NECESSARY improvement unlike the above suggestions, but more of a thought that I had that would be cool and work and knowing that the developers had wanted to include that wall type.

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I like the idea of fortified palisade. It would make your dark age wall still usable a litte ahead in game

I feel goths need buffs…
Maybe goths can be given fortified palisade walls and pop bonus changed to +10% from +10.

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Speaking of walls here, I would appreciate it if there was another stage of the regular wall that would be the first stage which is available in the Feudal Age and can be upgraded to the Stone Wall in the Castle Age and further upgraded to the Fortified Wall in the Imperial Age. That wall can be called, the Light Wall. The Light Wall would be stronger than the Palisade Wall but weaker than the Stone Wall. It would help if we didn’t had access to the Stone Wall until the Castle Age and the Fortified Wall until the Imperial Age because it would make the wall building balanced as the Fortified Wall is the strongest wall in the game and considering that it makes sense to wait until the Castle Age to be able to have the Stone Wall.

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I think something like Palisade Walls ×2 HP + 5 Armor or some sort. Not a total new building type

Fortified palisade wall already exists in campaigns and scenario editor.

Exactly, it isn’t something they have to develop, they already have it and have considered including it. And players don’t have to get used to something new, it is the same hotkey and they don’t even have to research a new tech.

good suggestion, cumans too should get fortified palisade