Developers, could we have extreme difficulty for all campaigns?

I’ve always loved to play AoE2 campaigns and am particularly nostalgic for the classic ones, although many of the more recent ones are fantastic as well.

The only problem is that when I go back and play campaigns on Hard from AoK or the Conquerors, and also one and two sword campaigns from recent expansions, whilst I find them all very well made, many (even three sword ones) can be a bit boring because of a lack of difficulty.

I’m not sure where best to ask about this, but I was just wondering if it would be possible for the developers of the game to start to implement an Extreme difficulty setting for all campaigns. This could be at a level of difficulty somewhat above that of a three sword campaign on hard, but for all campaigns, sort of like a “four sword” difficulty level for all campaigns, meaning that all players could play any campaign and still get a good challenge. I understand this could be hard/time consuming to implement, but it could be added over time, as with the Co-Op campaigns. Would anyone else here like to see Extreme difficulty added for campaigns?

Alternatively, could the handicap setting be added for campaigns?


Yes, please. Starcraft II had a Brutal level and I would love having something similar in here

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Maybe. It’d be frustrating though, because then I’d have to replay all the campaigns to get my medals up to scratch again, and I really don’t want to have to do that. Some campaigns I’d like to never play again ideally.

I’m on the opposite spectrum besides the suggested extreme difficulty, can the devs add a story mode difficulty as well?


I think that would be a nice idea as well

Not if they do it carefully. Also, they could add a platinum medal, for Extra Hard difficulty

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I don’t see them fixing the fundamental issues with some of the campaigns though. For example, I don’t want to have to grind my way through Saladin or Joan of Arc again just to get a platinum medal or whatever. I wouldn’t be happy just with gold if there was something above it.