Developers, please consider fixing this issue

Hello all,

Before I offer my recommendation I really want to praise the devs for making both an RTS game and a fun one at that.

There’s one major recommendation I have with the game and I hope the developers are open to fixing the problem.

ISSUE: The current UI and available unit shortcuts do not provide the player a means to manage individual units within their groups.

PROBLEM EXAMPLE 8 farms are optimal around a granary. If I select a group of villagers there is no keyboard or mouse shortcut to deselect individual villagers from my current selection. This is further compounded by villagers because of how much they clump.

CURRENT PROBLEM IMPACT: If you want to to assign 8 villagers to build farms around a Granary you have to click and drag the perfect number of times until you haver 8, or assign ALL idle villagers to building them until they are done and have workers remaining… which will then need new orders.

SOLUTION: Implement the Age of Empires 2 UI for unit management, where each unit’s card icon is displayed when they are selected, and allow us to CTR+click them out of the current selection group. I understand we can do this with entire groups of units, but it would feel much more rewarding to control specific units within their groups compared to the current system of mouse dragging consistently.

Hopefully this makes sense, please let me know if I can clarify anything as well.


I’m going to bump this because it’s really been noticeable lately. Hopefully Devs notice, I am more than happy to answer any questions as well.