Developers please fix "AVX" - Requirement - for AOE 4

For all people who could play the Technical Stress Test. Can’t understand what my problem is I think.

But there are still plenty of gamers out there who can’t afford an expensive PC.

Unfortunately, my CPU doesn’t support AVX and that’s why I was banned from the game.

And I think this treatment was not fair for everyone who had the same problem as me!

All Age of Empires parts - reflect my childhood memories
I really, really wish that the developers remove the “AVX” requirement for AOE4.

otherwise new Games like F1 2021 , New World and many other Games. I can play without any problems.

Kind Regards from Berlin, Germany,



Também sou a favor, não pude jogar o Beta por causa do AVX

Es tut mir wirklich leid, aber ich kann dich nicht verstehen und ich denke, dass es den meisten Usern ebenso geht.
Wie wäre es, wenn wir uns auf Englisch einigen?

I don’t think they can remove the AVX requirement.
It is not confirmed but it seems very likely they use it for path finding.
If they would remove it from the game they would make woisen performance and/or worsen the quality of the path finding.
Making in optional is also impossible because it would make multiplayer impossible.
99% of the players have AVX because nearly all CPUs sold in the last 10 years have it (just some stupid Intel CPUs don’t have it because reason).

A 5 years old middle class computer runs AoE4 just fine, even a laptop.

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I don’t think they can do that.
It seems they already went out of the way to make the game playable in very low end computers.
Issue is in places like Latin America for example even the most basic pcs are expensive af.

I hope they will fix it at least in the next patches

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But this is a expensive, full priced game from Microsoft. They are not aiming to accomodate budget players of all kinds. Save that money and one from few other games and upgrade your graphics card - sorry but no other way.

I’ve wrote about it enough here, take a look:
If they take restrictions from avx i buy it - Age of Empires IV - Age of Empires Forum

It won’t be removed because it can’t be removed ‘just like that’. It’s not a bug, nor it’s included to make anyone angry.

Roughly 5% of computers with Steam installed can’t support it:
Steam Hardware & Software Survey (

Almost the same number as machines with Win7 x64 that is not being supported in modern games. 5% is not a lot, certainly not for people making decisions there.

It’s not a bug.

Just installed the game and can’t play because of this strange issue. Using an i7 970, 12 threads, 4 ghz. Playing smoothly Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefront 2, but can’t run these cartoon graphics. Outrageous.

CPU has nothing to do with graphic rendering, stop posting this just because you don’t like the style they went for.

Not only that, but the stats for your CPU don’t matter if it can’t handle instructions the software is using and clock speed is largely a worthless stat regardless.

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My message is pertinent in the AVX issue threads, not talking about preferences of style.

Many people here discard our CPUs as useless Core 2 Duo’s, when I could play Cyberpunk 2077 on ultra, and there the CPU had a key role, where an AVX mod fix was launched.

So I’m not stopping because you are upset for any reason, but I’m welcoming more users in the same position to report here for a fix, since more we are more chances will be for Relic team to fix that.

Something that affects you in No way, so live and let live.

Thats an absolutely ■■■■ CPU today. You dont have to spend many dollars to get a new CPU thats stronger

And regarding your ultra claims: Intel Core i7-970 Cyberpunk 2077 Benchmarks - Can Core i7-970 Run Cyberpunk 2077? - CPUAgent

12 fps is not “you can play on ultra”. Its potato


The CPU has nothing to do with what graphics level you can play on, it has to do with the game simulation.

Just because cyberpunk 2077 was able to remove it doesn’t mean anything in a different game let alone one from a completely different genre with completely different CPU requirements.

Calling out graphics as “cartoony” is throwing your pointless opinion in there.

The fact that the graphics have nothing to do with the CPU requirements shows that you need to learn more about how hardware works before trying to claim you know that specific functionality isn’t required/can be trivially removed.

If you have something that actually provides some valid reason that AVX could be removed without hurting the game for other users, post that.

Posting your clock speed as though it matters doesn’t say anything; you can get a cheap CPU with a much lower clock speed that supports AVX and not have any issues.

The price of the game does not equate to the budget of the PC. I would land and say that the Switch is a budget gaming device-- that an Xbox or a playstation is a budget gaming device. – Those games are still 60 dollars.

But-- certainly, everything else still stands.

Consoles are not the best example- by design, they are relatively cheap hardware, because they are closed platforms and their makers can make a profit (even from the point of losing money on the hardware itself) from selling games and peripherals. Not only first-party games, but prolly primarily- from that 10$ (if it’s still that) ‘license tax’ from every single copy sold on their platform.

BUT to what I said- buying AOE IV full price (sometimes more than usual AAA, depending on the region) is not the only option.
ATM you can get 3months of PC GamePass for something like 1$, so… It’s rather super affordable.

And at the end of the day I think before that argument I’d probably say that going for new games while having very dated hardware is just a sign of bad priorities, and sometimes- borderline entitlement. These days building (price of GPUs aside) PC is super easy, straightforward, safe and fun, compared to what was even 15 years ago.
Technological advancement slowed down a LOT and situations like this with AVX were super common- with a version of early DirectX, smaller components like PixelShader support, with rapidly growing CPU horsepower and RAM demands (it was growing super fast, people were doubling their ram all the time for years, 16 is a standard for few years now) etc.

It will suck for a very small number of general playarbase- but hey, developers are not obliged to take care for the oldest, outdated PC hardware configurations. I’ve already shown how lack of AVX does not cross the line with buying any semi-serious CPU for a desktop, even a cheap one.

There must be a lien somewhere, and some workstation Celerons or whatever… come on people.

Perfect-- that would be great for someone on a budget, lack of technical know how, and also want the best experience for their money.

And yeah, game pass is an option.

That’s not an argument. Sure to you it’s fun, to me it’s fun, for the guy working 60 hours a week and just wants to have goo brain on his days off-- it isn’t. For the people that literally do not care about building a PC, it isn’t. You gotta speak for yourself when you say something is “easy” or “straight forward”.

Consoles are the best for people on a budget and want ease of use. A computer’s ease of use, while easier than 15 years ago, is still no where as easy as just getting a console, plugging it in and playing a game.

That being said, I don’t own a console.