Developers please let all European countries have cards for two new buildings and European revolution in PUP

The developers hope that the two construction units can be developed in the PUP update beta* European revolutions available only on European maps (and the same with other continents). This way you can add more options for a revolution, e.g. Belgium, Norway, Bulgaria or Greece.

  • Unique revolutionary Home Cities.
  • OPTIONAL - Removal of revolution options that already have their civs (USA, Mexico). but all European civ revolution make It should be added

I wish KotM had added more revolutions, maybe Greece.


Greece was under Ottoman control for AOE3 timeline did they ever revolt?
Anyway Ottoman have barbary states, Egypt, Hungary and Romania. I don’t think there’s room for Greece

Norway would be good if Denmark is added as a main civ as it could also be given to Sweden.

Greece’s independence fits neatly in AoE3 times, and it could also be available to civs other than the Ottomans.
Greek War of Independence - Wikipedia


Greece would work for Italy and Malta who both have questionable revolution options.


That link indicates the revolt happened in the 19th century just a little late for AOE3 timeline, but okay.

Well If there is a Greek revolution added Ottomans should definitely have it.

Some of the revolt options only became independent after World War I or World War II


Sure the New types of Home City Cards

  1. Brand new building (Wagon of building) in shipment:
  • School - a building that generates XP and slowly researches random Technology. There you can train a Scientist (limit of 3 units) who can build Roads (increasing the speed of units), Bridges (possible to build on rivers) and Wells (increasing the efficiency of Mills, Estates and Livestock Pen).
  1. X Company - Similarly to Italians, civ sends a company consisting of units based on a given nationality, e.g. Greeks, Scots or French be the developers do make it
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4 new revs could work for certain civs:

Greek revolution: Italians and Russians (would be weird for Ottomans) maybe could work with Maltese

Belgian revolution: Dutch and French

Norwegian revolution: Swedes and for a potential Danes civ

Bulgarian revolution: Ottomans and Russians

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Why would it? As I said before Greece was under Ottoman control for most if not all of the AOE3 timeline. It would be a revolution just as the Americans revolted against the British.


Wait, the British civ can only be divided into two revolutionary countries, Scotland and Ireland. The beta version should be update from the pup The two revolutions in Russia civ are Cossacks and Lithuania, plus

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AoE III is about 1492-1890, so it fits.


The Romanians and Finns are the most egregious examples, considering Romania gained full independence in 1881 (although grew in autonomy starting in the 1830s) and Finland in 1917.

Greece was free in 1837. Comparatively, Hungary briefly was sovereign in 1848, and became internally autonomous in 1867 following the Compromise with the Habsburg monarchy, although it still had to share a foreign policy and monarch with Austria.

These should replace USA and Mexico revolt already…

I guess but Italians and Maltese should have them too since Maltese’ Hungarian revolt feels kinda forced…

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Hungry makes no sense. Romania would be a slightly better option: