Developments and Experiences with AoE IV

Any new developments or experiences about AoE IV that you would like to share, regarding overall gameplay experience and graphics???

Tower rushing is easier than I thought. I won a 2 vs 3 the other day because my ally trained 200 Fire Lancers.

I’m having more fun now having all game types selected and mostly getting 1 vs 1, but still back out of water maps. I also learned what Alt+F4 does. For some reason I was manually closing the game every time.

I am still trying to figure out how to chat-to-all. I am sure I will figure it out eventually. For the time being, I can only say gg to my allies.

This game is cooler when using this overlay: Overlay app showing information about allies and opponents - #21 by sKArKnight

Other things I am sure. It is a good day also today. Much love.


Shift+enter for chat to all :wink:


before sending the message press TAB key and you can send it to all


Re graphics, I recently discovered the AMD contrast adaptive sharpening in ReShade, and it’s very good indeed for AoE 4, as the game by default suffers from hugely differing levels of sharpness in different graphical elements.

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Can anyone list AoE IV Standard Edition PC system requirements???

Lots of patience is required

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Why do I feel like you’re asking this to point out the graphics card required is ridiculously underpowered for 2021/22

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to confirm, anyway last day I played AoE IV on someone else laptop it was a great and charming experience overall.