Devs, are you someday add rename decks and reorder decks? just to know if i have hope

please add it. its really needed.


Reordering decks is one of the QOL change I would like the most. For one civ I have over 30 decks and it is rather annoying having to scroll past a bunch of random team/treaty/deathmatch/ffa decks I rarely use everytime I want to try something new. Maybe it is harder to implement then it seems but I hope it is in the works.


yep i think everbody has that problem, this is a direct question to devs


Even a search bar before picking the deck would be cool also.

Another QoL regarding decks would be a separate system that would allow to download the deck from websites, instead of mixing the decks with the homecity level and that.

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Add an option to reorder decks, I have some civs with more than 15 decks and I find it very inconvenient to have to redo everything in order… I think it is a totally necessary quality of life option