Devs didn't update any .bar files in last patch?

Data in game are changed with latest patch, but I find no changes in
However, I need to look into those changed data files to update my mod.
Can anyone help?

I think there is a bug, had to verify the game files for the new stats to actually update

Might want to do that to see if the bar file changes

edit: ok so even after that the bar file doesnt change

the onlyi thing that seems to be recent change is this file
does anyone know how to open this?

The must have been changed, otherwise they could not make adjustments to the proto and tech tree files.

The XML ? With any problem that opens text files.

no the .dat files, sorry for not making that clear

thats strange cause using the extractor and checking the proto files nothing has changed

for example the hakka is still listed as having 240 hp when ingame its 210

the bar file hasnt changed but the ingame is different, so I suspect there is a new system in play

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I also notice the .dat file, but could not find any way to look into it.

Interesting. Now I want to know how.

Intriguing. Where are you seeing these new files? I can’t find them.

the dat file is under

c/user/admin/age of empires 3 de/(bunch of numbers)/DataPatch

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They added this a couple of months ago, you shouldn’t have problems with your mods if you used it.

for some reason, not all mods use additive data mod system
i am working on a localization mod, at least i need to know what strings were changed in last patch

i also hear that companion app can not update its data after this patch for the same situation

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Companion app will be updated fine.

And btw you don’t need to know any strings changed, just their id, so only if they add new strings ids.

i need to know.
my mod is to adjust the bad localizations, it contains tons of text replacements, overwrite the original stringtable is more convenient for me to maintain it than using additive mod system. so if there are string changes in a patch, i need to find out what are changed and update those strings in my mod.

btw, how you extract the encrypted .dat file?

so anyone has the update file for the new PUP?

also if you have a tool to extract the encrypted .dat file as well

I feel they should have updated the bar files this Patch, since they added new stuff and not just balance changes

That’s correct, I’m seeing updated bars on the PUP.