Devs here? XS Scripting is too unilateral

XS scripting capabilities are currently very unilateral, meaning you can make a lot of changes to the game but there’s hardly anything you can read from the current state of it. XSCondition function is direly needed.

Create Object effect would also be greatly appreciated. I wish to script renewable resources for random maps.

Yeah considering how much time I’ve spent dissecting the game I don’t know a single thing about the scripting side of it. Can’t seem to find any kind of resource for information about what calls can be made or generally anything about it at all. This mod section of the forum only has stickies at all because I was enough of a pest. There’s a general lack of information about anything map making or mod making on this “official” website and the information that does exist is so scattered around the web it would take a decade to find half of the useful information, if such information does indeed exist. [EYEROLL]

This is the most up-to-date guide on XS Scripting: For Beginners - The Ultimate Guide To AoE2DE UGC

I also recommend to join the official AoE discord. There, I received a reply fairly soon and believe my desires will be addressed.