Devs please a way to priorize select villagers when draging box to select

this would make to have an option to select villagers that are among militar troops

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I don’t know if this is what you want, but if you hold alt while selecting, you can alter what units are selected.

holding alt just selects militar units. And it also displays health bars which confuses what units i selected
it would be better if we could use another key instead of alt
and it would be even beter if we could select a key to only select villagers as we can use alt to only select militar units

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You can do that by selecting a vil and then clicking the select all selected units hotkey which will select all of the same unit.

there is also a setting that makes it so that you only select military units in the drag box.

Another option is to slock on the unit in the group portrait while holding either shift or ctrl. that should select only the vils in the group

yes but ctrl on portait is very slow
and hotkey tos elect all same untis select all ont he map
and doble click selects all ont he screen

there is no drag box to select only vills, and its needed