Devs please add more achievements

I think it would be nice to see more achievements for AoE 3. The African Royals DLC added a lot of new achievements - it’s a shame the USA DLC didn’t add a one achievement…

African Royals added two achievements similar to those from AoE 3 - civ Victory. I think this achievement should be added to all civs - both pre-DE and brand new ones, e.g .:

  • British Victory
  • Inca Victory
  • Lakota Victory
  • Chinese Victory
  • And also for victory for each of the revolutionary civs e.g. Hungarians, Argentines and Indonesians.

It would also be nice to see the achievement for winning each of the Historical Battles, and additional achievements for completing them all.

Finally, I would like to ask for quite a few achievements for the USA civ DLC. This can be an achievement for choosing a state (Age Up as the USA), separate achievements for each Legion Card and Immigration Card and some crazy achievements, e.g .:

  • WTF - By playing the British civ against the United States civ, make a US revolution
  • Known from advertising - select Pennsylvania> Kentucky> California as Federal States
  • Unarmed on the battlefield - lose your Quaker Gun