Devs please add Option to cancel queues on IU of minimap pressing right mouse button


this will help especially on 2560 x1080p resolution as the IU is on the extremes of the screen and it could take a little more time to cancel quees or to be faster cancelling queues

if i want to cancel that shipment i have to press f2 then click on it, and it would be etter if i just could click on it using the right button of my mouse


Yes, this trivial little feature will make a lot of people laugh.

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Won’t oppose if this feature is enabled, as going across the screen and to home city is much of time wastage!

just like , SELECT A DECK why I need 2 clicks to select a deck when I can just go to home city and be able to view and select the decks , directly!

Liking this idea and also add this to AoE 2 DE

Yeah I can’t wait to delete everything by missclicking on it !! :smiley:

Bad idea, and if they add a confirmation click then it’s useless. Don’t do it please…

well then do it ctrl + right click, or something, i lose many time in clickin on the icon then clicking on canceling the unit on the other side of the screen