Devs please add snare

Military units should snare enemies when attacking them in melee range.
Instead of how it was done in aoe3, they should snare only the units they damage.
If they do aoe damage (like cataphract), they should snare all impacted units.

Please DEVs, PLEASE add this

It’s super annoying that enemies keep running away and even archers can just casually run back to their base when they get caught by mass cavalry in an unfavourable fight.


That mechanic is why I could never get into AoE3. I’m glad it isn’t in AoE4.


Many aoe2 people didn’t give it a chance.
Most of them would enjoy it once they gave it a chance and tried it out…
Also, in aoe3 the whole formation gets slowed down if one unit is hit.

I did give it a chance. There are many things I like about AoE3. But, mechanics like snare, makes it awful to play.

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I don’t know if snare is the right mechanic but something needs to change, Range units are OP in this game, when you move it away they react super fast and have like a acceleration similar to villagers, melee units barely hit, even knights, I prefer that range units when engage in melee they swap to melee weapons with less damage, that way at least you compromise the first line…

It is clear that the original design was to use melee on range and they change it, now range units are OP.


I also wouldn’t like snare.

In Aoe4 units have a charge attack, so faster movement speed when attacking, so it doesn’t need snare.

Snare is neccesary in AoE 3 due to its game design. I’m glad it’s gone in AoE 4.

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Snare? No but I though having a moving attack or attacking while moving animation would do it.

Now a unit stops when it attacks, so you can even see soldiers swinging swords in the air and dealing damage, but that’s just a visual thing. The gameplay issue is that units actually stop, the targets moves away, so they then have to close in again, wasting time and reducing the DPS, based on the attack animation and move speed.

Well, if they could just keep moving while attacking, this wouldn’t be an issue. The faster unit would always be on its target back and keep poking it. Something like a fast but low damage unit like the Horseman would immediately be much more effective against fleeing units. Think about a Horseman chasing a Scout…


I thought spearmen snare cavalry no?

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This. Why do units stop to attack? Why bringing one of the worst mechanics in AoE2 to this game?

I feel like this isn’t the first thread I’ve seen of yours requesting this.

Time to move on to something else.

There are things from AoE3 that would make AoEIV a much better game that are not related to mechanics/gameplay but rather overarching immersion enhancements such as graphical detail, artillery animations, personality, and more Gaia for the maps.

These are all things I see requested on here that would be of great benefit to those who appreciate immersion in their AoE experience.

Snare will not help make this game better.

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Snare is a good mechanic also on Aoe Online. It would be nice here

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It’s not a mechanic in my opinion, it’s just an animation design issue that the Devs maybe never even considered.

You know what’s better? Moving attacks. Instead of slowing down the runners, you have the chaser move at the speed of the target, if lower or equal theirs, without stopping.

I would believe that if there were no exceptions, but the Mongol horse archers can fire while moving, so clearly the engine supports it. Instead of a design “issue” I think it was a design decision.

I know people get tired of hearing me bring this game up, but the Battle for Middle Earth RTS had all units attack while chasing.

One other extremely nice thing was cavalry having a turn radius to not lose momentum and horses’ acceleration/deceleration. They could still turn in-place while stationary (like in AoE4) but if you wanted to charge you had to account for horses not magically stopping and running full speed the other way, you needed room so they could turn while running and accelerate to full speed.


We may disagree on a bunch of things, but I personally never get tired of you referencing it. Honestly I always thought it didn’t get the appreciation it deserves.

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I would personally not like snare to be added in the game. Its one of the most frustrating aspects of aoe3. It makes battles too clunky!
AoE4 already replaces this by having melee units moving at a faster speed when attacking.

I love the cavalry and combat mechanics from BFME it’s interesting how a game from the early to mid 2000’s has better combat mechanics than a game from the 2020’s

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Just use horsemen, they are cheap and they melt ranged units. You can use also mangonels if the enemy is spamming ranged units.

There is plenty of options, but if you just want your men at arms to be effective versus ranged units, that’s not how the game works.

oh god no please devs do not add snare god no


We brought it up in the early access beta in 2021 and the devs haven’t cared about it since that day. Perhap you could rally more people to feedback on tthis at the next survey

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