Devs: please give us higher pop and bigger maps

Sick and tired of mods breaking with most updates. Therefore, asking the Devs 1 more time; please give us bigger maps and allow us to have a much higher population cap (can be compensated by also increasing building hit points). All I want to large armies clashing on large maps. Easily possible on modern systems.
Let me play the game the way I’d like, without ruining the experience by breaking mods time after time…

Without mods (pop cap and bigger maps), I lost all interest after few weeks. Even the non DE version was better as it offered X10 size map packs etc…
It would have been very easy to implement this for the DE as well.

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There are large maps on DE aren’t there? The exact same maps as were on TAD I thought.

I am talking about the player maps which are about 10 times the size of the biggest AoE3 maps. The default large maps (or whatever they are called) are first of all not applicable to most maps (only several) and they are still laughably small, compared to player made custom maps for the non DE, as well as the AoE 2 DE maps (which allow us to set the size)

a slider to choose preferred map size like in age2 should be implemented, especially since they are randomly generated and not handcrafted like in other rts such as StarCraft.

lobby settings for pop limit is harder due to performance/pathing/balance and other variables directly connected to it, like techs. if possible a slider for pop limit would be great, either way pop limits should directly moddable.

everyone wins.

Exactly! Devs should understand that people like to play a game in different ways. This understanding was a lot better with the DE of AoE 2. I don’t care if higher pop does break the balance a bit. Anyhow, I am not playing multiplayer, hence let me play as I like to play this game. If they don’t want to implement higher pop count (which would be rather ridiculous), then at least prevent mods from breaking upon every update.

So you want to play on an 8 player map with two players you mean?

When you do this on aoe2, does it add more resources to the map? Because I guarantee if you increase the map size on aoe3 but don’t change the amount of resources accordingly you will likely end up with a terrible map spawn in terms of resource distribution.

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I agree with the bigger maps. As it is in team treaty matches, the map runs out of resources (even wood) before the treaty is even over, so the game turns into you having most of yer villagers on plantations/gold farms, and buying wood, at least with non-European civilizations… those folks with factories have it easy (when they’re not just spamming heavy cannons)

As for the bigger pop, increasing it to 250 or 300 would indeed allow you to actually max yer eco and still have a reasonable amount of space for military

If the devs wanted players to have autonomy, they wouldn’t be disencouraging custom games by not allowing MMR gained within that mode.

They have a visison of how the game should be played and seem insistent on pushing it through, regardless of what players actually enjoy. How players SHOULD enjoy the game is more important.

tldr don’t expect the devs to do fun things like big maps or bigger pops or avoiding(for example) water maps or only playing certain maps(deccan/GP); they’re forcing a meta whether we like it or not.

The game has been losing 1k concurrent players consistently each week for 4 weeks now, this trend is set to continue unless the multiplayer systems within aoe3 are embraced, which allowed for self sustainability and autonomy to play how we wanted, not how the devs wanted us to.

Filter by the last month, check each sunday(the most popular day) for the last 4 weeks.

Alas, the game’s already dead; nobody even plays ranked anymore. You could wait 10 mins to find a match and get nothing, so yer only option is to play unranked but have massive balance issues since you can’t see the number of unranked games someone’s won or lost

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It very much is a shame to see a great game like this, being rereleased, and then neglected (read: they don´t listen to their fan base)…