Devs, please make Amina the Hausa personality

Queen Amina of the Zaria Emirate is one of Nigeria’s cultural heroes, and she was Hausa. She’s the perfect candidate.


Yes, Amina would be cool.
Alternatively, a female Hero unit may also be considered, since both the Hausa people and the Ethiopians, have a History of women rulers.

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You made me realize something. We’re almost definitely going to get African minor civs. Do you think they’ll add the Dahomey Minos (Gbetos) as a native warrior you can recruit from a Fon minor civ?


I do not know what Minor Settlement civs they will add, but I am hoping for Kongolese, at least.
Dahomey Minos would be a good addition, with the Gbeto unit (with a gun) added in, perhaps even a Chieftain unit like the Nootkas get, but called a Gbeto Ahosi (king’s wife).