Devs: Please no more balloons, pumpkins etc

These kind of things are just distracting and annoying. Especially the red balloons coming across the screen every few minutes. Thanks :slight_smile:


haha yea those red balloons are a bit silly. wont mind if they are removed.


It’s just to celebrate! It is funny! And being distracted by the balloons increases the game’s difficulty. I have fun with them all the time! Soon halloween is over and these games are over too! Enjoy while they exist!


Cheer up mate. I welcome most of these little Easter eggs, but I do understand that the balloon one was is particularly distracting


Enjoyed the changes, stop being so boring it’s only for halloween.


We should be grateful. This is a reflection of the interest they give to the game.


Speak for yourself mate, I want more balloons and festive stuff on the game! But, perhaps the devs should include a option to turn off these special gfx.


Yes,then the Christmas event will come…

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Devs should take into account how these changes affect the beginner experience. I’d seen first-time players start the game, and got confused by the balloons.

A better implementation may be: start the game with a dialog box on the festival effect, and offer an option to turn it off there. The player can revisit the option in the main menu’s right side event notification.

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No, it was actually to celebrate the one-year anniversary, not for Halloween per-se.

So there won’t be other themed events like Christmas most likely.

It was fun but the balloons were a bad idea. when the default color on a 1v1 game is red it should have been considered to make the balloons a different color.

I had no problems w the balloons just the flashes of red in the corner of my eye triggering a response that was not needed…