Devs: please prioritize gameplay

Simple straight request: stop doing challenges and events and skins and cosmetical stuff that don’t help the game. Pathing is still broken. Censorship filter is still broken. Game lobby is still far from perfect (we need to be able to chose if we want our opponents to pick civs or not) and game needs balance.

We don’t need an spring event. We need a working, stable game



Ever heard of Multi-Tasking and specialized workers? It explains how a team is able to work on several parts of a product while making progress in many parts simultanously. Specialization also means that you cannot easily shift workforce around. A graphics designer will not suddenly speed-up the development of better pathing.

Aside from all of that most people in the studio will propably be working on AoE3 and AoE4. Be patient. Your post neither brings new insights to current problem nor is it constructive in any way shape or form.


Are you getting paid for providing excuses? Of most people is working in other projects, then the remaining resources should be used in important things.

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I am not getting paid. The only thing I do is state my opinion on the curretnly open topics and it just so happens, that I believe that there are a select few people on this forum and that take things way to seriously and are throwing around demands in a tone that really is harming the civility of the discussion.


Why? They’re fun. It’s a game. It’s meant to be fun. I don’t really see the problem here.

How? Never had any issues.

From what I understand, not the devs’ fault, but MS’. If you log out of Xbox signin, it mostly disappears and works out fine.

The only thing you mentioned that’s actually true. But I fail to see how doing in-game events and this problem are at all relevant to each other.


You clearly have no understanding of correct priories when it comes to making our RTS great. Obviously those graphical designers can be better spent on fixing the vague look of this game or terrible icons. Or countless other things that a capable person in charge would ask to have redesigned. The game doesn’t even have a proper grid or shortwalls, competitive mods that are left to the community to make.


Try to focus a villager that’s building a castle with your knights. Then tell me how it goes


Pathing has definitely been an issue. The issue shown in the below clip has mostly been eradicated, but sometimes still happens.

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Pathing is broken, it was always broken anyways but these days it seems even worse. Cavalry pathing is simply ridiculous, they are focusing on the first thing on their front, instead of what you want. Villagers get stuck amid other vills and will simply not appear as idle, you can pretty much loose lots of your economy output by this, and it happens every single game.

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Not really, AOE3DE and AOE4 are being developed by different studios. Other than that, what you said about multi-tasking and specialized workers, I agree.

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Really can’t see how half a dozen cosmetic additions to the game could step in the way of working on other aspects. As (already stated above) graphical works aren’t tasked to the same people that do AI work or UI work or matchmaking work.

The way how it is put by OP even leaves open to think that what’s been happening is just the arrival of cosmetic add-ons with no other works, when in reality balances, bug fixes and other vital stuff come concomitant to cosmetics on every major update.

I bet that even if they stop doing cosmetics, how you ask, the updates that follow that decision would be no different from the ones that we got up to this day.


I don’t think the OP was being rude tho.

“Are you being paid for providing excuses?”

Sorry, but that is rude or do you like it to being accused of basically selling out your integrity? Neither is it civil what he said, nor constructive.

…But it is constructive though

Prioritization is a thing.As is feedback from the players.
For a part of the community these ‘events’ might be fun, but for other they’d rather if more focus was put into gameplay-related issues. OP belongs to the latter group, he voiced his opinion. That’s how feedback works… You trying to discredit him is the only thing that is really unconstructive


■■■■ yeah. It’s seems some issues have been addressed recently in the new patch. Looking forward to test it!

Ah. I mean, Iv’e been accused of being paid by MS too but I just found it funny, because seriously they would just be wasting their bucks 11

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they are probalby forced to do this by microsoft.

atleast we finally get patches regulary unlike in HD

I don’t like the lack of nuance here. Pathing isn’t “broken”. Broken means not working. If pathing didn’t work the game would be literally unplayable. There are problems with pathing it is true, and the devs have been gradually improving these. Its not at all clear this effort is diminished by challenges and events.

Notice I made this post before last update. I think pathing is better now, altough I should do further testing

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