Devs please start banning people that quits on ranked, ban him 1 month

peoplethat quit on ranked when scores are similars should be reported and banned somehow

You can report them while ingam and after the match.

what is the rule?
if a player leaves ranked games 3 times is banned 1 week?
is there ban or advertising for people for abandoning ranked matches?

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Currently there is nothing that prevents players from leaving the game or disconnecting before it starts by interrupting the start of the game and above all nothing can be done for those who use the oos (nothing less than CHEAT in the latter case) . It would be very effective by setting a 1 hour ban if someone abandoned a ranked for no reason or would have it disconnected, if after this occurs again this would increase the ban time from ranked.

I did this in the game by reporting these players or inappropriate behaviors and have never seen a ban. To see one, do I have to report privatanente on the forum to developers?

Reporting people with names on the forum is called " witch hunting " and forbidden.

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So if i’m playing against a cheater that’s using moesbar i can’t report like that but from the game? Who can confirm that these game reports are actually being watched and taken into consideration without any image, rec game or video confirming this?
I mean not to open a discussion on the forum and badmouth someone, report through the reports to the developers, I remember that there was a category or a link that would bring me back to this kind of reports.

You can use the in-game mechanic, and make a support ticket ( best including the replay )

Support ticket, here’s what I was looking for thanks.

You can’t report someone for quitting, people have a life and sometimes have to quit mid game, maybe they just feel they’ve misplayed too or chosen the wrong strategy so quit.
Equally people have internet issues especially in poorer countries(i live in one of them) and unfortunately getting dropped offline happens all too often. Banning them because they drop from a few games will just cause them to stop playing, not what the devs want.


why not? in other games like league of legends people is penaltied by leaving, i know people have a life, but the players that are playing aalso have a life

well i would play mroe ranked then if they are baned

Hi all, I think the ban is a bad solution. I received a ban and when I ask the reason, I don’t received a response. So ban is good for people how use a offensive language in chat or similar. I prefer when one people leave early the game, he recive an elo penalty, like less 50 elo, so the people they want play well and increase their elo can continue to play. But the problem is for dev to understand the difference between a crash game and when one leave the game. it’s an problem born when they take the decision to introduce the ban for resolving the alt f4 problem in ranking game. In my opinion is necessary an innovation on not ranking game, because the people can push a button and play a random game with other people without creating a custom lobby. Thanks bye


no, to many of those who leaves early, what they want is exactly lower their elo. they just want to win easily.
i suggest that if a game end in a certain length, like 5 min, none of the players get any elo change. then it will be more difficult for them to intentionally lower their elo.
btw, i think devs should find a way to record the network condition of a player in game in order to know if one game should be used to rating the player

I didn’t know that they banned, in the past I have reported various cheaters using oos or maphack but they are still using cheats at this point I have lost hope in everything and when I find them I don’t care, I was playing against them on tad I will play them against here too.
However the solution would be an elo penalty as Brunobrubrustar said.

Exactly the way it was in legacy.
Leaving a game before min 3 gave nothing to both.

I was playing a guy the other day and when he had clearly lost he did something so that I got a message saying ‘the game has stopped responding’. Fortunately I kept clicking wait and eventually the game recovered and even the recording was ok. I wonder what he could have done to make the entire game stop responding on my end, is that OOS? What is the motivation for people who do this? If they gain ELO when they should have lost, the only thing that happens is they get matched against harder and harder opponents making it even less likely they will ever win a game. In fact the opponent in this case was well below my skill level indicating he probably does it often and gets away with it and gains ELO he shouldnt. I’m not even at an ELO where anyone could possibly care or brag about either.

Another tactic I have seen recently is the opponent pauses the game. I wait for five minutes in case it was a legitimate pause, he doesn’t respond at all, I unpause, then he pauses it again. He plays the hide the villagers game all over the map game when he clearly lost. Is the goal here to make me quit and he gains ELO? When you go into the friends, recently played, and block someone, does that mean you won’t be matched anymore on ranked, or just that they cannot message you?

I agree with others that no one should be getting banned, we need the biggest player base as possible, and I don’t want to get banned because the opponent is a sore loser. Rather just make it so their ‘tactics’ don’t work. If they play hide the villager you can just go for trade victory, but I’m not sure about the pausing abuse where they just keep pausing the game over and over. If I have to pause, I message saying ‘sorry, someone is at the door’. Sometimes I come back and the opponent has unpaused the game, which is also very bad sportsmanship.

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" we need the biggest player base as possible"

i stop playing sometimes only becasue people quit on ranked or hide villagers or spies until i kill it

If they pause first just keep unpausing because there’s a limit of pauses so eventually you’ll just reach that limit and can play or he’ll just quit. I’ve only had this happen like 5x in 3k games though usually when they start losing. Hiding vills is also not really an issue at least in ranked just go straight to industrial and trade monopoly.