DEVS - Read please; Balance and Moving Forward

Something another game did that helped the community understand where they were coming from is in patch notes. I think this would benefit everyone A LOT and allow the community to better communicate what the actual issue’s are and what need’s to be addressed.

Stated the problem they were addressing:

(making this up) Horsemen have to much HP when compared to their non-counter units

Lowering horsemen HP and giving them +1 armor

As for the Balance patch, Am I disappointed? Yes and I will leave that at that. I do have a few questions

How would you (the Devs) like the community to raise and bring up our perceived problems and concerns when it comes to balance?

How do you want us to word it?

Can you give us an example to follow?

If your part of the community what do you think of this approach? (from both the example and moving forward)

Thank you for your hard work so far and I hope it continues

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