Devs should pay more attention to AOE 3 D.E

So this is my opinion. I think that the dev team should turn their attention to AOE 3 D.E.

The game is promissing but lack os balance between some of the nations are extremely frusturating.

The game is promissing but the multiplayer H.U.D is horrible! (lobby and to find ranked matches) (multiplayer). > I mean, just take a look on what they’ve done on AOE 2 D.E. It’s more appealing to the eyes, it’s less buggy, it has its own matchmaking ranked and non ranked instead of lobby. And it has lobby aswell if you want to.

The game is promissing but the lack of communication between the AOE 3 D.E. community and devs will take its toll, putting an end to the game even before it had a chance to begin it’s journey.

It really bugs me that they are going to make AOE 4 but AOE 3: D.E is being left behind.

Seriously, AOE 2 : DE has more player base, I know that, but AOE 2 DE has a lot more content than AOE 3 DE, more balanced (if we neglect what happened before last patch of AOE 2 where they’ve broken everything with the 2 new civs).

Please dev team, put some effort to communicate to us what is going on behind the scenes. Improve the game HUD (main menu, multiplayer finding ranked and non ranked without being stuck into a lobby game for 30 min. waiting for players.)

AOE 3 DE has a lot of potential to be a great RTS if the devs want to. (which doesn’t look like it). And it’s sad because the community will eventually die out.

So what are your thoughts about it? Should the devs pay more attention to AOE 3 DE, instead of making AOE 4 and improving AOE 2 DE (which is already great and has a lot of content)?

Sorry guys, I just had to say that I’m really disappointed with the lack of commitment …


Hi @Dio9743, I understand your concern. There are simply too many releases to support development on all of them at the same time with the same size development team. I too would like to see long awaited bug fixes for Age of Empires: DE but so far there has been no info on that. The best you and I can do is express to Microsoft how much we want to see an update for the other DE releases and then share it with the rest of the community so Microsoft can see how much demand there really is for what we’re asking for.

Rest assured that Relic Entertainment is and has been developing Age of Empires IV since the beginning and not Forgotten Empires and Tantalus.


Yes. I agree… But how do we do so? If posting threads on forum is not enough?

If there is not already a topic for the type of updates you’re asking for, please create a new one and invite the ESOC community to weigh in on the subject. I saw the best engagement ever on these forums in a topic listing all the Age of Empires III: DE community requests by priority. If you can manage to bring that same level of engagement, Microsoft will see the demand and be moved to make some changes. Be diligent and persistent! Make your voice heard on all social media channels, not just this forum. The only thing I ask is please stay on topic do not bump or spam topics on this forum in order to bring attention to your topics.

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For me, in terms of multiplayer, the lack of ability to reliably sustain a feeling of community (no direct messaging, invite functionality seems broken, lobby bugs) is going to be this games downfall. You can ultimately still play games online, but without the reliably social/interaction aspect, no game can really survive.


I waited for the release of AOE3, but I saw a lot of people leaving due to numerous bugs and broken balances.

Plus, while many people were waiting for the new patch, the developers were using their abilities to create a new DLC for AOE2. I feel a serious betrayal about this. AOE3 had the potential to have as many players as AOE2 enough, but everything was left behind because of the developer’s laziness. I hope they will admit their failure and do all they can to QA.

exatcly what I was talking about. AOE 2 DE MP is more appealing to the eye compared to AOE 3 DE

Wrong, the 2 new civs are actually weaker than AoK civs.
They are literally not competitive.

Stop this lie that gets perpetuated. For MP players taht wanted OP civs to just crush noobs, this last expansion was not even worth getting, just keep playing Franks.

The 2 new civs are great, for campaign.

They were waek even before the nerfs, which is why the nerfs were very minor.

Never was the case. AoE3 was never, in it’s whole history, as popular as AoE2.
AoE2 just sells and sells, more and more content, because it always had the bigger playerbase, specially Singleplayer, which are the people that buy new content the most.

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I said AOE3 has more potential, but I didn’t say it was a popular series from the start. And no matter how much content a game has, if it cannot be played normally due to numerous bugs, the value of the game will decrease. Do you think that many people quit AOE3 because they were tired only multi-balance ? You seem to have no idea of ​​the numerous issues scattered throughout the campaign. In that state, releasing additional DLCs just piles up countless problems.

Another thing I want to say is that you or I don’t want to hear from each other anyway. I know what your opinion is and what you want to say, but I don’t agree with your opinion at all, So we force disagreeable opinions and there is no reason to exhaust our emotions.


It’s no lies… Every pro gamer of AOE 2 said that the new civs were strong… wtf. You’re not the know it all guy! you’re not god. So calm down aoe2 lover. We are talking about aoe 3 and for it to reach its full potential it will need more attention and care from the devs…

Don’t make this situation a right or wrong one. Because it’s not.

No, they say they are weak, and none of them are getting played on tournaments.

I never said I was God.

It is, because what you said was wrong. The top 5 civs in 1v1 are still the same ones as before. Burgundians and Sicilians do not have the Economy to compete at high level, and are actually underpowered.

No, you brought up AoE2, and proceed to state a wrong opinion, as fact.

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All we are asking is for the devs to put more effort on AOE 3 DE instead of dumping on a game “AOE 2 DE” that already has a ■■■■ ton of content. Otherwise aoe 3 is going to die.


There are people on this forum with whom you can communicate normally most of the time, but seeing “AOE 2” appear in the same paragraph with any other game will incite their national pride and they will go on boasting how AOE2 is a commercial success because it follows their perfect game design standard, regardless the original topic. So get used to it.


AOE3 survived with 0 new content for 13 years with something like 3000 players everyday. It will still be played by those same dudes for years and years.

But yeah, they need to at least add all the community things that’s missing from legacy, especially the Privat Message and the ranks in lobbies.

Once the game is fixed to be at least as good as the legacy one (it’s not the case now…), it’s all good.


But it makes sense they “dump” it on AoE2 DE, since it is, by far, the best selling game in the franchise, and the one that proved continuous DLC is a good business model.

I too, would like for AoE3 to get more content, but AoE2 is just so much better at it, is not stupidly restricted by the “Colonial only” theme, and it is far easier to add civs to it, due to the shared Tech Tree.

Also, AoE2’s community usually asks for more conetnt, en masse, while Aoe3’s community shuns it, and just wants bug fixes and otehr unmonetiseable developments.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
The community that asks for content the most, and is more willing to buy it when it drops, gets more content, more attention, and more bug fixes and features.

Are the developers viewing all topics in this forum?

Are you aware of any ideas for the AoE 3 DE?

Can the developers be contacted?

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The developers read topics on this forum but usually do not reply so that it why it appears they do not read the forums.

I am not privy to any development plans for Age of Empires III: DE.

The best way to contact the devs is to be vocal on the forums and social media about the needs of the game and inviting all of your friends to actively participate in those discussions.


If the community starts getting big “New Civs!” threads, this will signal Microsoft that the product has potential, and that there is money to be made in it, so the devs can expand.

They already want to. You can see the stuff they added in the Historical Batles.


African DLC is 100% sure.
But what about the rest of the world? Europe had great civilizations that had no colonies, and in this age were very important empires. The Asians did not get a new civilization in DE, such as the Swedes and Incas.
AoE 3 DE has received scandalously few new civilizations - after 14 years there should be definitely more of them. During this time, AoE 2 saw the HD edition and numerous DLC. AoE 3 has been vegetating and is still doing so so far.
DLC for AoE 3 DE should be themed: European DLC, Asian DLC, African DLC and American DLC. And not some tiny 2-3 new civilizations, just 4-5 new civs. There should be 14 European civs (5 more: Poles, Italians, Austrians, Prussians, Danes). From other regions, for example, 5-9 new civs. 7 Asian (4 more: Persians, Thais, Koreans, Tatars), 9 American (5 more: Maya, Mapuche, Cherokee, Huron, Tupi), 5 African (Ethiopians, Somals, Berbers, Zulu, Songhai). A total of 35 civilizations. Since AoE 2 DE has a lot of choice (it will definitely increase), let AoE 3 DE also have it! In the times of AoE 3 DE, there is a convenience for developers that there were definitely fewer countries then - especially in Europe.

We are all well aware that AoE 2 will develop (Lords of the West is only the first DLC for DE). So I hope the 3 doesn’t die, and gets a lot of new content due to it.


This is my wishlist for AoE3, that would likely be easy to implement, in any order.

Continental Wars:
DLC set in Europe with SP content based aroun the Ottoman expansion, the 30 Years War, and the Napoleonic Wars.
-30 Years War campaign
-2 new Historical Battles (Siege of Vienna, Napoleon in Russia)
-Italians, Polish and Danish as DLC civs

Orient at War:
DLC set in Asia and East Africa, adding in the last expansionist empires in Asia, at the time.
-Nine-Armies War campaign
-2 new Historical Battles (Russo-Persian Wars and Into Africa)
-Omani, Persians and Siamese as DLC civs

African Empires:
DLC set in Africa, involving african conquests and defense from colonizing powers, with the Moroccan expansion into Songhai and Mali, and both the Ethiopian and Zulu defense against foreign armies.
-Saadi Conquest campaign
-2 ew Historical Battles (Mahdist War and Battle of Rorke’s Drift)
-Moroccans, Ethiopians and Zulus as DLC civs